Frequently asked questions about micro SD recovery software

What’s the Best Micro SD Card Recovery Software on the Market? This question gets asked a lot more than many of us would imagine. Why? Because micro SD cards are used in just about every modern electronic device, and it’s

Tips to help you to recover video from SD card easily

Easily Recover Video from SD Card Modern SD cards can store hours of high-definition video footage, making them fantastic for both small outdoor cameras and smartphones. The flipside of their ever-increasing storage capacity is a higher risk of losing hours’

Data corruption and how to recover a corrupted SD card

To What Extend Is It Possible to Recover Corrupted SD Card? Data corrupting has been with us for as long as humans attempted to store data onto a storage medium. The Sumerians were using blunt reeds to write wedge-shaped marks

How to recover formatted SD card on Mac and Windows

Recover Formatted SD Card and All Its Content When you type the phrase “recover formatted sd card” into Google, you get 33,110 results. That’s an awful lot of results for something so specific. Apparently, many people often manage to format

A simple guide on how to recover photos from SD card

Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card? Most consumer point-and-shoot cameras and DSLRs make it very easy to format SD cards and delete individual pictures. DSLRs, in particular, are designed with speed and efficiency in mind, meaning

What you need to know about CD card picture recovery

A Simple 3-Step Guide on How to Recover Deleted Pictures from an SD Card Have you lost or accidentally deleted pictures from an SD or microSD card? Don’t worry! In this guide, we will show you how you can recover

How to recover deleted images from your SD card

Recover Images from SD card in Under a Minute Modern SD cards are incredibly convenient, but they can also be unbelievably frustrating. Almost every camera, tablet, and smartphone manufacturer writes data onto an SD card in a slightly different way,

Everything you need to know about damaged SD card recovery

Recovering Files from a Damaged SD Card Modern electronic devices rely on SD cards — either regular or micro — to store files, just like you rely on your smartphone, digital camera, or portable audio player to get you through

How to recover deleted pictures & photos from SD card

How to Recover deleted files from SD card In this how-to article, we are going to learn how to recover deleted pictures and other types of data from an SD card using Disk Drill for Windows, a powerful free SD