List of the Best 5 Free Disk Space Analyzers for Mac

Sometimes the Mac shows a message on the monitor saying that there is not enough disk space Mac available on the computer. A Mac disk space analyzer is a tool that helps in finding how to free up disk space on Mac. Here below is a list and a brief description of five of them, currently available on the market.

1. Disk Drill Basic

Disk Drill 3 provides a free disk space analyzer Mac. The app permits to visualize hard drive usage, check disk space on Macs, identify which items can be removed or transferred onto another drive and clear disk space on Mac.

The results are presented in a very clear and intuitive manner, showing not only size values, but also a bar-type chart for easy visualization, with files organized according to size from the largest one, down. Besides, the search can be narrowed down to a specific folder using the “Target” button.

In addition, Disk Drill Mac disk space analyzer, permits the user to select different views, according to file types. Thus, there are tabs for selecting all files, pictures, videos, audio files, documents, or archive files. This functionality comes in handy when selecting how to clean up disk space Mac, as critical documents, photos of loved ones, or favorite songs or movies, can be easily identified.

Disk Drill 3 has the added advantage of being a data recovery software, so if the user mistakenly deletes the wrong file, it can also solve the recovery problem.

In summary, Disk Drill 3 Mac disk space analyzer is a very comprehensive tool, allowing the user to clean up disk space, and to correct unintended deletes. All operations are intuitive, which enhances efficiency.

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2. DaisyDisk

DaisyDisk check & freeing up disk space on Mac computer with efficiency and simplicity.

This is mainly because it has a beautiful interface, presented in the manner of an interactive wheel for easy and intuitive visualization.

DaisyDisk is very fast, and shows an overview of all disks connected to the Mac. Changes are updated in real time, making it ideal for analyzing and taking a wise decision on what to delete and what to keep.

This tool is very popular amongst IT professionals and artists, which are the most common users of Macs. Although this is a commercial tool, it has a free trial version available, which can be used to clean up disk space Mac in a casual manner.

Overall, DaisyDisk presents an option for analyzing disk space on Mac and deciding where to clean, which is very user friendly and easy to learn, even for the non-technical user.


3. GrandPerspective

GrandPerspective is a free disk storage analyzer for Mac, which is capable of creating a very comprehensive mapping of a computer’s disk usage.

Although some reviews indicate that the interface appears a bit old, results are presented in an efficient way, by means of a drawer like information display.

On the downside, even though GrandPerspective presents plenty of information to the user, it doesn’t display a disk overview, somehow contradicting its name.

In general, GrandPerspective presents a good option for the average user, who is looking for a simple tool, which can do a good job in freeing up drive space quite quickly.


4. Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory X is a free disk space analyzer, available for Mac OS X 10.3 and later versions.

This app presents an overview of all disks on a machine. The results are presented in a graphical way called tree map. The tree map shows the files and folders coded by type, and showing the sizes and amount of files contained in each folder, inclusive of subfolders. The size of each file in a folder is also specified.

In addition, more information about specific data is available, when the user clicks on an item on the map.

The data can also be presented in an organized list, with files and folders displayed according to their size, from the largest to the smallest one.

Disk Inventory X provides the user with the capacity to analyze an entire drive, or just a selected folder.

The main characteristics of this application are its ease of use, and friendly data presentation. Tree maps and lists have a direct and right to the point way to present information, which enhances the possibilities of making the right decisions, when having to choose what and what not to delete.

Overall, Disk Inventory X presents an excellent choice, considering the fact that it’s free and presents the necessary information in a direct and easy manner.

disk inventory X

5. OmniDiskSweeper

OmniDiskSweeper is a free utility to clear disk space, which presents the results in a column view similar to Finder, making it a very familiar tool to work with.

This tool presents the found files in list form, organized in a descending manner, according to size.

In brief, this small but effective app, can be very handy when the computer indicates that there is not enough disk space Mac. The familiar presentation type is of great advantage, particularly for the casual, not so technical user.

Omni Disk Sweeper
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