How to protect your Mac with Password Manager

Top 5 Password Managers for Mac Revised Today’s online life has brought great benefits to the average person. However, it has also created some extra complications. One of them is the massive amount of passwords that people need to manage.

How to find multifunctional Text Editor for Mac

Top 5 Text Editors for Mac Revised Text editing is a very important part of a developer’s life. This is even more significant for Mac developers, who are accustomed to a captivating environment. For them, there is a good selection

What you should know about mice and their options

Top 5 Mice for Mac Revised The mouse is an essential complement of our computers. This is particularly true for Mac users, who are artists, gamers or belong to many other professions that require intensive interaction between the user and

The most excellent photo tools to assist Mac lovers

Top 5 Photo Editing Applications for Mac Reviewed Photos are part of people’s lives in modern times. They can be taken from cellphones, computers and cameras. Organizing and fixing them according to personal tastes can be tricky. Luckily, there are

The list of the best printers for Mac users

Top 5 Printers for Mac Revised Apple has produced several lines of Mac printers, but it doesn’t support them anymore. The Apple’s owner must therefore rely on third-party products. In addition, as Mac users are frequently related to art production,

The most popular video editing applications

Top 5 Video Editing Apps for Mac Revised Video editing can be a very sophisticated task. Mac users are famous for their skills in this area. Two applications stand out for their excellence and quality, namely Final Cut Pro and

Things you need to know about web browsers

Top 5 Web Browsers for Mac Revised Today’s Macs are not isolated, they need the Internet to breath. Social networking, file sharing, information search, shopping, banking, are some of the many things that define today’s online lives. The web browser

Best useful apps to make your life easier

Top 5 Apps for Mac Revised Mac users are benefited by many useful apps available on the market for them. These applications enrich their computers and lives. Although it is practically impossible to describe all the best apps for Mac

All about best and high quality Mac games

Top 5 Games for Mac Revised Games are getting more sophisticated and engaging every year. Fantasy stories look almost real, and have a variety that presents choices for every taste. From playing with aliens, to becoming a hero detective or

Protect your Mac with the best and most popular antivirus

Top 5 Antivirus for Mac Revised Mac OS X is considered one of the most secure operating systems. However, today’s user must protect himself not only against viruses, but also against identity and money theft. Therefore, it is a good

How to find best hard drives for Mac

Top 5 External Hard Drives for Mac Revised When it comes to data storage, enough space is never a possible word. Fortunately, thanks to the constant changes in technology, users are empowered with storage options that were unthinkable a few

Free programs to help you to find duplicate files on Mac

Top 5 Free Duplicate File Finder Apps for Mac Revised Sometimes it is necessary to free storage space on a computer. One option is to know how to find duplicate files on Mac, and delete unnecessary copies. Fortunately, there are

How to free up disk space on Mac easily

List of the Best 5 Free Disk Space Analyzers for Mac Sometimes the Mac shows a message on the monitor saying that there is not enough disk space Mac available on the computer. A Mac disk space analyzer is a

How to choose data recovery software for Mac OS X

Top 5 Best Free Data Recovery Apps for Mac OS X Revised The best free data recovery software for Mac available online is described below. These five applications vary in their characteristics. However, all share one commonality, they are free,

Data recovery software: advantages and functionality

Top 5 Best Free Data Recovery Software For Windows Revised There are several best file recovery apps available for free.  Some of them are well known in the market, others not. This article summarizes the top 5. For each of

Best methods to help you to backup Mac data efficiently

Top 5 Ways to Backup Data on Mac Revised Today’s life is filled with data. From work related files to personal photos and documents, these important sources of information can be easily lost by unintended actions. Having an archived copy

Frequently asked questions about micro SD recovery software

What’s the Best Micro SD Card Recovery Software on the Market? This question gets asked a lot more than many of us would imagine. Why? Because micro SD cards are used in just about every modern electronic device, and it’s

Tips to help you to recover video from SD card easily

Easily Recover Video from SD Card Modern SD cards can store hours of high-definition video footage, making them fantastic for both small outdoor cameras and smartphones. The flipside of their ever-increasing storage capacity is a higher risk of losing hours’

Data corruption and how to recover a corrupted SD card

To What Extend Is It Possible to Recover Corrupted SD Card? Data corrupting has been with us for as long as humans attempted to store data onto a storage medium. The Sumerians were using blunt reeds to write wedge-shaped marks

How to recover formatted SD card on Mac and Windows

Recover Formatted SD Card and All Its Content When you type the phrase “recover formatted sd card” into Google, you get 33,110 results. That’s an awful lot of results for something so specific. Apparently, many people often manage to format

A simple guide on how to recover photos from SD card

Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card? Most consumer point-and-shoot cameras and DSLRs make it very easy to format SD cards and delete individual pictures. DSLRs, in particular, are designed with speed and efficiency in mind, meaning

What you need to know about CD card picture recovery

A Simple 3-Step Guide on How to Recover Deleted Pictures from an SD Card Have you lost or accidentally deleted pictures from an SD or microSD card? Don’t worry! In this guide, we will show you how you can recover

How to recover deleted images from your SD card

Recover Images from SD card in Under a Minute Modern SD cards are incredibly convenient, but they can also be unbelievably frustrating. Almost every camera, tablet, and smartphone manufacturer writes data onto an SD card in a slightly different way,

How to recover permanently deleted files with Disk Drill

Recovering Permanently Deleted Files All modern operating systems geared toward general computing come with a handy safety net for your files. Instead of immediately deleting them with no option how to get them back, they hide them inside a place

Steps on how to recover overwritten files on your computer

Recovering Accidentally Overwritten Files It happens to all of us, and all it takes are two identical file names. Sure, Word or Excel will ask you if you are 100% sure about overwriting the original document, but before your brain

Frequently asked questions about data restoration

How Complicated Disk Restoration Really Is? In the minds of many people, the phrase “disk restoration” conjures up images of IT professionals in white lab coats using highly specialized equipment inside a dust-free room to restore small fragments of information

Tips to help you to get your files back from a dead hard drive

Recovering Files from a Dead Hard Drive Hard drives, just like all electronic and mechanical devices, can die for many reasons. Unless you are a hardware engineer or a tech-obsessed geek, you probably mostly care about how to get your

How to prevent the Hard Drive or SD card formatting

Saving Accidentally Formatted Hard Drive Computers are fantastic tools that allow us to do many wonderful things, but they sometimes obey our commands almost too well. If you are a boss in a company and tell your employees to do

Things you need to know about Hard Drive crash

A Hard Drive Crash Doesn’t Have to Be a Disaster What sounds like an oxymoron can be true with a few simple steps. We’ve all read expert advice about the importance of frequent backups and disk health monitoring. However, there’s

Reasons of data corruption and their prevention

Preventing Hard Drive Corruption and Recovering Corrupted Data Data corruption is inseparable from all commonly used data storage devices. It differs from bugs, results of badly written code, in its unpredictability. Data often become corrupted without any warning, and they

How to understand the warning signs of a hard drive failure

How to Deal with a Hard Drive Failure There’s a huge difference between a hard drive failure and an operating system crash. The infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) that shows whenever a computer running Windows experiences a fatal system

Everything you need to know about damaged SD card recovery

Recovering Files from a Damaged SD Card Modern electronic devices rely on SD cards — either regular or micro — to store files, just like you rely on your smartphone, digital camera, or portable audio player to get you through

Tips to help you to recover files from a bad hard drive

What to Do with a Bad Hard Drive The subject of this article is the dreaded topic of bad hard drives and other storage devices, such as SD cards and USB flash drives. It’s unfortunate when a hard drive goes

Reasons why you need to recover data from a broken hard drive

Why Hard Drives Fail? Nearly everyone who has ever experience a hard drive failure has wondered, “Why did it happen?!” The fact of the matter is, hard drives are complex mechanical devices, and, as the famous Murphy’s law states, “If

What you should know about data loss prevention tools

Top 3 Tips on How to Prevent Loss of Data The possibility of data loss may seem like a scary boogieman hiding in your closet, waiting for you to fall asleep so he can creep out unnoticed and get you.

All you need to know about data recovery tools

Must-Have Data Management Tools You know how it goes: you install a fresh version of your favorite operating system, briefly enjoy its speed and lots of free spaces on your hard drive, knowing that it won’t last. After a few

How to find a good data recovery program

How to Spot a Good File Recovery App? Data loss, unfortunately, goes hand-in-hand with all modern data storage devices. Even modern SSDs are not immortal. Take, for example, the 750 GB version of Crucial MX300. The manufacturer rates it at

How to recover lost or deleted Fleetwood Mac songs

On With The Show. Fleetwood Mac’s Long Career Fleetwood Mac is a British-American rock band. Formed in 1967 in London, they are still around, creating wonderful music. Throughout the years, they have has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, being

Everything you need to know about Apple Keyboard generation

The Apple Keyboard: Quality You Can Feel The Apple Keyboard is a keyboard designed by Apple Inc. for their Apple and Macintosh lines of computers. Apple has released several models. At present, there are two available: the Apple keyboard with

All the most important about the new iPhone 7

This is 7. The World Is Not Enough The New iPhone 7 The last in the line of iPhones, the new Apple iPhone 7 comes in two models: iPhone 7 Smartphone and iPhone 7 Plus Phablet. They were released on

Frequently asked questions about computer forensics definition

Mac Forensics: Computer Forensics in the Mac Environment What is Digital Forensics Forensic science or digital forensics is the application of computer science and investigative procedures for legal purposes. It can be applied in criminal and civil cases, and in

The history of the Apple Macintosh computer

Apple Computer. On Creating Addicts and Success What is Apple Computer Apple Inc. is a multinational corporation that creates and markets consumer electronic products, personal computers, servers and software. It also distributes media content. Founded as Apple Computer, Inc. on

All you need to know about Apple Stock market

7 Things That You Need To Know About Apple Stock About Apple Inc. Apple Inc. (AAPL) is the largest U.S. corporation in terms of market capitalization, and among the largest firms in the world when considering total revenue. The company

What you should know about Apple TV recovery methods

Apple TV. A New TV Concept Since the appearance of Apple TV on September 12, 2006, things are not the same. Some basic fundamentals in our lives have changed. Here are two of them: Fundamental 1: Apps Are The Future

Interesting facts about the Apple Smart Watch

Apple Watch. The Future Everyday Life Essential Apple Watch: Integrating Life Although Apple’s CEO Tim Cook admits that the Apple Watch is until to now in learning mode, the Apple iWatch still revolutionizes the way we live. iWatch, the new

How to recover Mac Miller songs with Disk Drill

Thanks Disk Drill, My Mackin’ Ain’t Easy No More. Who is Mac Miller? Mac Miller is an American rapper, whose real name is Malcolm James McCormick. Born on the 19 January, 1992, he is a self-taught musician, who plays the

Steps on how to take a screenshot on Mac

How To Take A Screenshot On A Mac Ever wondered why a Mac has no Print Screen key?  So, how do you take a screenshot on a Mac? There are other ways to do it. Although initially it may look

Tips to help you to start Mac in Safe mode

Mac Safe Mode Fundamentals Mac Safe Mode Start Up Mac safe mode, sometimes called safe boot, is a way to start up your Mac computer. Safe mode OS X was designed for troubleshooting purposes. Mac OS X safe mode performs

Methods and options of Android recovery mode

How To Fix Your Android Device With Android Recovery Mode What Is Recovery Mode Android Android devices have a feature called Android Recovery Mode, which allows users to fix some problems in their phones or tablets. It may be useful

How to start up a Mac in OS X recovery mode

OS X Recovery Mode. A Quick Overview What Is OS X Recovery Mode OS X Recovery Mode is a facility provided by Apple computers that loads OS X’s built-in recovery tools. The system loads the tools from a recovery image

Tips on how to put iPhone into recovery mode

iPhone Basics: How To Put iPhone In Recovery Mode What Is iPhone Recovery Mode Basically, iPhone Recovery Mode is a facility that your iPhone has, which allows you to restore a damaged iOS. If you are trying to update your

The reasons to put iPod in Recovery Mode

iPod Fundamentals: Recovery Mode What Is iPod Recovery Mode iPod Recovery Mode is a method to reload the iPod with a new operating system. The reason for it can be a device upgrade, a damaged operating system, and many more.

What you should know about IP Address and IP Location

What is My IP Address? Essentials Explained What Is IP Address An Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) is a numerical identifier assigned to a device attached to a network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. At present there are

The most common questions about iOS

iOS For Beginners What Is iOS iOS is an operating system for mobile devices created and developed by Apple Inc. for its hardware. Originally launched in 2007 for the iPhone, Apple Inc. extended it to other Apple devices. At present

All you need to know about MAC address

A Two-Minute Guide To Your MAC Address What Is A MAC Address? MAC stands for Media Access Control. It is a unique identifier for network interfaces. It is used as a network address for most IEEE 802 network technologies. Sometimes

Necessary tips on how to get iPad recovery mode

iPad Recovery Mode In Easy Steps If you want to upgrade your iOS, or you have any problems with your iPad, and you need to reinstall the operating system, you will have to use iPad recovery mode. This article gives

Tips to help you recover Hard Drive files in case of loss

What is a Hard Drive? A hard drive is a storage media that store information on a computer. It’s responsible for keeping your documents, music, videos, pictures, preference files and even your operating system files. When the hard drive fails

How to use and protect a Floppy Disk

What is a Floppy Disk? Floppy disk also known as a diskette is one of the most old disk storage media device to be used on computers. The first diskette was developed by IBM in 1967 as an alternative storage

What you should know about Compact Disk

What is a CD? Compact disk abbreviated as CD is a small, round medium portable device used for recording, playing back audio, storing information and manipulating data in digital form. CDs were co-developed and invented by Sony and Philips. The

Frequently asked questions about Lion OS X recovery

What is Lion OS? OS X Lion version 10.7 was the 8th major release of Apple’s Mac OS X. It can be run on Macintosh PCs, desktops, and Apple’s servers. Lion was released on Jul 1, 2011, while the final

All you need to know about Snow Leopard OS

What is Snow Leopard OS? Snow Leopard OS version 10.6 was the 7th major release of OS X (Mac OS X). The software is developed and marketed by Apple Inc. , one of the world leading companies on PC production.

Things you need to know about Yosemite OS X

What is Yosemite OS? Yosemite OS X is the 11th release of Mac OS X (now known as OS X) lineup of operating systems. The 10.10 version released and announced on 2 June 2014 by Apple Inc. at WWDC. The

Where and how to use xD-Picture Card

What is xD-Picture Card? An XD Picture Card is a type of a flash memory-card format used in most digital cameras such as Fujifilm and Olympus cameras. The name xD stands for extreme digital. xD-Picture Cards are not commonly used nowadays

Tips to help you recover lost files on Windows

What is Windows? Windows is graphical OS that was developed and marketed by Microsoft. The 1st Windows operating system was developed in 1985, and over the years other better versions of the PC based operating system have been developed. Current

Data loss and format errors on SmartMedia cards

What is SmartMedia? A  SmartMedia card is a media storage device that consists of a Flash-Memory chip that stores data. The first card was developed by Toshiba and over the years SmartMedia cards have been manufactured with storage capacities ranging

The most common questions about Sierra MacOS

What is Sierra macOS? MacOS Sierra was the 13th major release of Apple’s lineup up of operating systems known as OS X. The OS can be installed on Apple’s servers, desktops and Macintosh computers. macOS Sierra succeeded OS X EL

How to protect files on your Secure Digital (SD) card

What is Secure Digital card (SD card)? Secure Digital is a non-volatile type of a memory card format that was developed by SD Card Association and its commonly used in most portable devices such as cameras, tablets, smartphones, and PDAs.

Data loss scenarios on Multimedia Cards and how to avoid them

What is Multimedia Card?      A MultiMediaCard (abbreviated as MMC) is type of a tiny memory card standard that is used to store data among different compatible portable devices. The first card was co-developed by Siemens AG and SanDisk in

All you need to know about Mountain Lion OS

What is Mountain Lion OS? Mac Mountain Lion OS is one of the 9th major releases of Mac OS X versions. It was developed by Apple Inc. and released on July 25, 2012. Unlike other prior versions where users were

Types of flash-memory storage devices and how to recover miniSD

What is MiniSD? A MiniSD card is one of the many types of flash-memory storage device used to store media files and information. It’s mainly used in mobile phones, handheld gadgets, and digital cameras. MiniSD cards are quite smaller than

What is Microsoft Surface and some of its features

What is Microsoft Surface? Microsoft Surface comprises a series of Windows based personal computing-devices developed and manufactured by Microsoft. The first Microsoft Surface device was launched on 18th June 2012. Over the past few years, Microsoft has continued to show

How to recover hard drive data on your Mac Pro

What is Mac Pro? A Mac Pro is a series of Xeon based server and workstation computer that is manufactured by Apple. It’s one of the most powerful computer ever manufactured by Apple, and it’s widely used by professionals from

Some facts about Mac mini – one of the smallest desktop computers

What is Mac mini? Mac mini is one of the smallest desktop computers developed and manufactured by Apple. It’s widely popular due to the portability and small shape size of its design. Earlier models of 2009 & 2010 came with

What you should know about data recovery process on an iPhone

What is an iPhone? iPhone represents a brand name for Apple’s line of Smartphones. All iPhone mobile phones run on Apple’s iOS which is the second most used mobile OS in the world after Google’s Android OS. The 1st generation

Everything you need to know about iPad and how to protect data on it

What is iPad? An iPad is a tablet PC that runs on Apple’s iOS. The 1st iPad was designed and developed by Apple in April 1993. Over the years there have been so many new models of iPads with the

Tips to help you recover deleted data from iMac

What is iMac?   iMac is a desktop computer developed and designed by Apple Inc. The first iMac was launched in Aug 1998 and up to date (2016) iMac has evolved into six different distinct forms. iMac G3 was the

How to recover data from Mac OS X El Capitan with Disk Drill

What is El Capitan OS? El Capitan OS X is one of Apple’s versions of operating system. It is the 12th release of Mac OS X (OS X) and only version to be named after OS X. New versions such

How to protect DVD data with Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery features

What is a DVD? DVD is the short name for Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc, and it refers to a storage media that can store a large amount of data accessible through a compact disk drive. As of

Frequently asked questions about CompactFlash devices

What is CompactFlash? CF or CompactFlash is a type of flash memory mass-storage device used by most portable digital electronic devices. The first CF was developed and manufacture in 1994 by SanDisk. Over the years CompactFlash has become so useful

Everything you need to know about Blu-ray discs

What is Blu-ray? Blu-ray disc is one of the digital data-storage formats used by optical discs. The disk was designed to supersede DVDs format by enabling data storage of ultra high definition video resolution of around 2160p. A Blu-ray discs

Recover data from scratched or damaged CD or DVD optical drive

What is an optical drive? An Optical Drive refers to a computer system that allows users to use DVDs, CDs and Blu-ray optical drives. The Drive contains some lenses that project electromagnetic waves that are responsible for reading and writing

Frequently asked questions about iOS devices

What is an iOS device?   iOS is one of the most popular mobile operating system developed and created by Apple Inc. An iOS device is an electronic gadget that runs on iOS. Apple iOS devices include: iPad, iPod Touch

All you need to know about USB devices

What is a USB device?   USB (Universal Serial Bus) refers to any device that can store data in flash memory with a USB integrated interface. A USB drive is also known as USB Key, USB stick, USB flash drive

How to recover deleted data in Wichita, Kansas. Top file recovery centers and services

Data Recovery in Wichita, Kansas Wichita is by far the largest city in Kansas. It is also the 49th largest one in the entire country of the USA. It has its location in the south-central parts of the state on

Recover files in Washington, D.C. Find the best data recovery services

Data Recovery Washington, D.C Washington D.C. is the acting capital of the United States of America. This was achieved through the signing of the Residence Act back in 1790. The city is the political hub of the entire country but

What is the best hard drive recovery centers and companies in Virginia Beach

Data Recovery Services in Virginia Beach Boasting a population count of 452,745 people as of 2015, the independent city of Virginia Beach is currently ranked as the 41st most populous one in the USA. It’s located in the state of

Recover hard drive in Tulsa. How to find top data recovery centers

Tulsa Data Recovery Services The state of Oklahoma is a particularly attractive one. Tulsa is its second largest city and it’s also the 47th most populous one in the country. This is because it’s home to approximately about 403,505 people

Find the best file recovery companies in Tucson

Tucson Data Recovery The home of the University of Arizona, Tucson is also the seat of the Pima County in the State. It has a population of about 520,116 people and it’s currently the 33rd largest city in the country.

Best hard drive recovery services in San Antonio

San Antonio Data Recovery Services – Different Options San Antonio is the second most populated city after Houston with a population count of about 1.4 million people. It has a lot to offer and it’s considered to be one of

How to recover hard drive Sacramento. File recovery centers and companies

Sacramento Data Recovery Now, even though it’s only the sixth-largest city in the state of California, Sacramento is also its capital. It has a population count of about 485,199 people which ranks it as the 35th largest city in the

Raleigh data recovery companies. What is the best

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Raleigh Being the capital of the US state of North Carolina as well as the seat of the Wake County, Raleigh is commonly referred to as the city of Oaks. Logically, this is due to

Find the best hard drive recovery centre in Portland

Data Recovery Companies in Portland and Their Alternative With a total population of about 632,309 people counted in 2015, the city of Portland is by far the largest one in the state of Oregon. It’s also the acting seat of

Recover hard drive in Omaha. Best file recovery services and companies

Data Recovery in Omaha The city of Omaha is without a doubt a beautiful one and it offers quite a lot of attractions such as the beautiful Heartland of America Park and the enjoyable vistas in it. It is also

Oklahoma City data recovery. Top file recovery centers

Oklahoma City Data Recovery Oklahoma City is named after the State of which it’s a capital – Oklahoma. It is also the 27th largest city in the USA in terms of population with about 631,346 people in it. Regardless of

Recover deleted data in Oakland. Find the best companies

Oakland Data Recovery Services Being the seat of the Alameda County, Oakland is an important city in the state of California and also the 45th most populous one in the country as it boasts population of about 419,267 people as

How to find top data recovery centers and services in New Orleans

Data Recovery Services in New Orleans New Orleans is a beautiful city with quite a lot to offer. It has established itself as a tourist hub for people from other states and countries as it has quite a lot to

What is the best hard drive recovery company in Nashville

Data Recovery in Nashville Now, even though it’s not the largest city, Nashville is the acting capital of the state of Tennessee and it’s also the current seat of the Davidson County. The Cumberland River goes through the city and

Minneapolis file recovery centers. Top data recovery services

Data Recovery Company in Minneapolis As up to this moment, Minneapolis is ranked as the 46th largest city in the country and the largest one in the state of Minnesota. It is also the hub of the 16th biggest metropolitan

Recover deleted data in Mesa. Best file recovery companies

Mesa Data Recovery Services Mesa is a beautiful city which is located in the state of Arizona. It’s a part of the Maricopa County and it is approximately 20 miles away from Phoenix. It’s acting as a hub for the

Find the best data recovery centers and services in Memphis

Data Recovery Services in Memphis Memphis is currently the seat of the Shelby County and it has its location on the southwestern corner of Tennessee. With a population of 653,450 people back in 2013, the city is currently ranked as