Data corrupting has been with us for as long as humans attempted to store data onto a storage medium. The Sumerians were using blunt reeds to write wedge-shaped marks on clay tablets, producing one of the earliest writing systems known as the cuneiform script. Even the slightest exposure to natural elements could unavoidably corrupt a clay tablet meticulously covered with hundreds of marks over a period of hundreds of hours.

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As technology progressed and we’ve moved into the digital era, our first digital data storage methods weren’t tremendously more reliable. Most people born in the 70s or 80s can vividly remember how little it took it to destroy a floppy disk, and those who are even older, probably have their fair share of nightmarish stories about crumbled or torn punch cards and rolls of punched tapes.

Steps to Recover Files from a Corrupted SD Card 

No matter the cause of the corruption, the solution is always the same: SD card data recovery software, such as Disk Drill. Software like this has been designed specifically to locate fragments of files on a half-functioning or non-functioning storage medium and recover them back.

Step 1. Connect a corrupted SD Card to your PC

Step 2. Install and launch Disk Drill data recovery software

Step 3. Select the corrupted memory card from the list of drives

Step 4. Preview your files and hit the “Recover” button in the program.

recover deleted files from a corrupted sc card with Disk Drill

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SD Card Corruption Is Unavoidable

Even though we now have at our disposal storage devices that hold enormous quantities of data and take up substantially less space, they can still become corrupted and unreadable. A part of the problem is physical damage. A bent, twisted, burned, drowned, frozen, or otherwise decimated SD card has a very slim chance of ever working again.

Luckily, this kind of damage is easily avoidable. What’s not so easily preventable are manufacturing defects, accumulated failure, and firmware bugs. These sources of data corruption are not something a regular user can do much about. Manufacturers try to minimize the negative impact of these common causes of SD card data corruption, but no solution is perfect.

Modern SD cards are so cheap because advanced manufacturing processes allow manufacturers to store a lot of information on a tiny space. In fact, all SD cards have extra storage space to compensate for bad sectors and manufacturing defects. When one “storage unit” goes bad, the SD card permanently shuts it down and, instead, uses a backup storage unit.

When more of these storage units become corrupted than the SD card can compensate for, you often start seeing the effects of data corruption with your own eyes. Images may become pixilated and full of artifacts, videos may skip, music may sound distorted, and documents may refuse to open. In extreme cases, your files may even completely disappear.


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