All the most important about the new iPhone 7

This is 7. The World Is Not Enough The New iPhone 7 The last in the line of iPhones, the new Apple iPhone 7 comes in two models: iPhone 7 Smartphone and iPhone 7 Plus Phablet. They were released on […]

Tips on how to put iPhone into recovery mode

iPhone Basics: How To Put iPhone In Recovery Mode What Is iPhone Recovery Mode Basically, iPhone Recovery Mode is a facility that your iPhone has, which allows you to restore a damaged iOS. If you are trying to update your […]

The reasons to put iPod in Recovery Mode

iPod Fundamentals: Recovery Mode What Is iPod Recovery Mode iPod Recovery Mode is a method to reload the iPod with a new operating system. The reason for it can be a device upgrade, a damaged operating system, and many more. […]

The most common questions about iOS

iOS For Beginners iOS is an operating system for mobile devices created and developed by Apple Inc. for its hardware. Originally launched in 2007 for the iPhone, Apple Inc. extended it to other Apple devices. At present it is the […]

Necessary tips on how to get iPad recovery mode

iPad Recovery Mode In Easy Steps If you want to upgrade your iOS, or you have any problems with your iPad, and you need to reinstall the operating system, you will have to use iPad recovery mode. This article gives […]

What you should know about iPhone data recovery process

What is an iPhone? iPhone represents a brand name for Apple’s line of Smartphones. All iPhone mobile phones run on Apple’s iOS which is the second most used mobile OS in the world after Google’s Android OS. The 1st generation […]

Everything you need to know about iPad and how to protect data on it

What is iPad? An iPad is a tablet PC that runs on Apple’s iOS. The 1st iPad was designed and developed by Apple in April 1993. Over the years there have been so many new models of iPads with the […]

Frequently asked questions about iOS devices

What is an iOS device? iOS is one of the most popular mobile operating system developed and created by Apple Inc. An iOS device is an electronic gadget that runs on iOS. Apple iOS devices include: iPad, iPod Touch and […]

How to restore iPhone or iPad lost data after jailbreaking

What is a jailbroken device? Everything you need to know about Jailbreaking Jailbreaking refers to the process of removing all restrictions imposed on an iOS device. Apple’s devices that can be jailbroken include; iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV 2 and […]

What is the difference between iPod Nano, Touch and Shuffle

What is an iPod? Apple’s new iPod touch, iPod nano, & iPod shuffle iPods are one of the most popular portable devices among Apple products. The 1st version was released on Oct 23, 2001, and over the years other modernized versions […]

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone X/8/7/6

Recover deleted text messages on your iPhone with Disk Drill Multiple factors can lead to a data loss on iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Some app malfunction or jailbreak failure, or an unfinished iOS upgrade, or even a damaged device. Disk […]