Data loss events often happen with no warning and can cripple your computer. In some cases, they can result in serious negative impacts to your business or organization. When you are faced with a data loss event there are usually three methods you can use to recover your valuable information.

  • Recover from a backup – Performing periodic backups can allow you to recover static files or at least return to the last saved version of a file.
  • Use data recovery software – If the data you wish to recover has not been backed up, data recovery software may be able to perform a restore.
  • Employ a data recovery service – In the event that you need to recover data from severely damaged devices or data recovery software is not sufficient, a data recovery service is your last recourse.

What Are Data Recovery Services?

A data recovery service is a service that specializes in the recovery of lost or corrupted data. It is performed by salvaging data from failed, damaged or corrupted storage devices. A hard drive recovery service may use a variety of methods in an attempt to recover the lost data. They can employ software tools, repair damaged drives, and use industry insider techniques to successfully restore the lost or corrupt data that resided on the storage media.

When using a hard drive data recovery service you will need to send the storage device to the service where they will perform the recovery in a clean environment using dedicated equipment.

Before we investigate individual characteristics of the services, we need to address the subject of pricing. Since the amount of technical expertise and highly-qualified labor required to enact a hard drive recovery varies significantly from case to case, it is impossible for the data recovery services to accurately estimate the cost of your recovery without actually inspecting the storage device in question.

All of the services listed below will conduct a no-cost evaluation of your device. At that point, they can give you a more knowledgeable quote as to the actual cost of the data recovery.

Five of the Best Hard Drive Recovery Services

Here are five of the best HDD recovery services currently available to assist you with your data loss issues. Let’s take a closer look at them and how they can help you when you require a hard drive recovery.

1 SALVAGEDATA Data Recovery Service

The data recovery team at SALVAGEDATA can handle any type of storage device you have from hard drives to RAID arrays.


  • Certifications – SALVAGEDATA uses a full-size ISO-5 certified clean room for its mechanical recoveries. They are also ISO-9001 and SOC III security certified.
  • Range of Services – Recovery of data from virtually any type of storage device or operating system. Hardware supported includes hard drives, RAID arrays, memory cards, and flash drives. Recovery can be performed on PCs, Macs, mobile phones, and hard drive recovery service
  • RAID Array Recovery – SALVAGEDATA possesses the technical expertise to handle the added complexity involved in recovering data from damaged RAID arrays. You can ship your RAID arrays to one of their locations or engage onsite technicians for your data recovery.
  • Locations – More than 40 locations throughout North America.hdd recovery service

24/7 customer support is offered by SALVAGEDATA.
Free assessment of your data loss situation.
Onsite emergency file recovery services.
100% no-cost successful data guarantee.


DATATECH Labs provides professional data recovery services which are priced based on the technology that needs to be employed to complete the data recovery.


  • Range of services – DATATECH can successfully recover data from a wide variety of devices including hard drives, RAID arrays, camera cards, and flash drives. They can also perform tape data recovery. These services are available for the Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix platforms.
  • Locations – Multiple locations are spread throughout North America to make it easier to get your device to the company. Directions using Google Maps to the closest location are available through the website.hard drive recovery service
  • GSA contract holder performing recovery for government agencies.

24/7 emergency services are available for Business Partners.
Free assessment of your damaged storage media.

3 Gillware Data Recovery Service

Gillware offers comprehensive data recovery services for small businesses and individuals suffering from data loss issues.


  • Range of services – Data recovery services are offered for NAS/SAN devices, flash storage, encrypted data, and RAID arrays. Data recovery is sometimes possible without shipping the device by engaging Gillware’s technicians remotely. Data can be recovered from devices used by any operating system.hard drive data recovery service
  • Modular cleanroom benches – ISO-5 certified cleanroom benches enables data recovery at cost savings of up to 50%.

• Free in-lab evaluation of your storage device.
No data, no charge consumer protection policy

4 SERT Data Recovery

SERT offers professional data recovery services from their offices in West Palm Beach, Florida.


  • Range of services – SERT can recover data from hard drives, solid state drives, Micro SD cards, and mobile phones. Clean rooms are employed in all data recovery exercises to protect the data on your recovery services
  • Cutting-edge training and technology – SERT employs experienced recovery specialists and equipment and will make every effort to recover your important data.

24/7 consultations are available.
Free assessment of your device and no charge for unsuccessful recovery.

5 Data Mechanix


  • Range of services – All hard drive recoverymedia types are supported by the technicians at Data Mechanix, including enterprise storage such as RAID arrays. They support all operating systems including Windows, iOS, Linux, and Novell.
  • Comprehensive evaluation – Data Mechanix provides a free detailed report of the problem affecting your device and the files that can be recovered.

Free assessment of your recovery situation with no customer obligation.
Onsite and in-lab emergency services are available for critical and time-time-sensitive recoveries.
Expedited service is available that aims for a 24 hour turnaround time for data recoveries.

When faced with a hard drive or RAID array that is damaged or corrupted, your best chance of recovery is to engage a professional data recovery service. They will have the expertise required to salvage the data that is on the damaged device when your other recovery efforts fail. Contact one of the services listed above before giving up hope of ever recovering that lost data.

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