Ways to Recover Deleted Files from XD Picture Card

What is xD-Picture Card? An XD Picture Card is a type of a flash memory-card format used in most digital cameras such as Fujifilm and Olympus cameras. The name xD stands for extreme digital. xD-Picture Cards are not commonly used nowadays […]

Data loss and format errors on SmartMedia cards

What is SmartMedia? A SmartMedia card is a media storage device that consists of a Flash-Memory chip that stores data. The first card was developed by Toshiba and over the years SmartMedia cards have been manufactured with storage capacities ranging […]

How to protect files on your Secure Digital (SD) card

What is Secure Digital card (SD card)? Secure Digital is a non-volatile type of a memory card format that was developed by SD Card Association and its commonly used in most portable devices such as cameras, tablets, smartphones, and PDAs. […]

Data loss scenarios on Multimedia Cards and how to avoid them

What is Multimedia Card? A MultiMediaCard (abbreviated as MMC) is type of a tiny memory card standard that is used to store data among different compatible portable devices. The first card was co-developed by Siemens AG and SanDisk in 1997. […]

Types of flash-memory storage devices and how to recover miniSD

What is MiniSD? A MiniSD card is one of the many types of flash-memory storage device used to store media files and information. It’s mainly used in mobile phones, handheld gadgets, and digital cameras. MiniSD cards are quite smaller than […]

How to recover Canon CR2 image files from a memory card

What Is a CR2 Photo File? Used by Canon, the CR2 file extension stands for Canon Raw Version 2. This RAW image file format is based on another popular image format, TIFF. Just like TIFF, CR2 offers fantastic image quality […]