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Isn't it really easy to accidentally delete the files and then clear the Recycle Bin right before realizing you actually needed those documents, or presentations, or whatever. And it is not that easy to create those documents from scratch, which is especially not an option if those were photos. Luckily, for all of us, in a situation like this, we have Disk Drill, the top file recovery software.
Disk Drill for Windows is the best file recovery software in case your Recycle Bin has already been emptied (some moments ago or quite some time) and you don't have any backup files. This app offers versatile algorithms for deleted file recovery to help you with pretty much any data loss issue.

Disconnecting the storage where the data was lost the very moment you realized it happened, greatly increases your chances of deleted file recovery on Windows. It is also recommended that you boot from some other drive rather than the one with erased files. Try not to use the drive with lost data until you are ready to start the file recovery process.

#1 Disk Drill is perfect for any situation!

What if you were working with your files and they were accidentally deleted, or maybe there was a power outage? Whatever happened, you don't have the files as well as any backup copies anymore. Your best option in such situation is downloading Disk Drill for Windows and giving it the possibility to do what it does best: the deleted file recovery. It can even recover the files that were deleted from Recycle Bin. Until the remaining low-level file system info gets overwritten with new data, you have high chances of getting them back with the help of our file recovery software.

All your file recovery needs are covered by the powerful Quick and Deep Scans, Lost Partition Search, Catalog Rebuild and other efficient algorithms. Disk Drill is a great file recovery software that provides the high chances to get your data back within moments.

Keep in mind that free file recovery is offered by Disk Drill for up to 500 MB of data.
  • 1Download Disk Drill for Windows
  • 2Complete the installation
  • 3Open Disk Drill

#2 Recover deleted files

Once launched, Disk Drill lists all available drives in your system. Choose the one you want to perform the deleted file recovery on and click the "Recover" button. The free scan will start and when it is completed Disk Drill will give you the list of all recoverable data. Usually the scan takes a short period of time, just a few minutes, of course depending on your hard drive size. Then our file recovery software will offer the recovery methods available for your type of drive. Recover deleted files

#3 After data scan

Once the file scan is done, you can sort, filter and review the files that can be restored. Free file recovery
Sometimes it may be easier to just recover all available files, but it is up to you how you want to approach this: our best file recovery software provides all the needed tools to work with the found data.

Free file recovery

Disk Drill is simply the best file recovery software for your lost files. But what makes it even better is the file protection called Recovery Vault. It is a very simple method which is also invisible and efficient: runs in the background, tracks the deleted data, marks it in a specific way, and in case you need to recover those files in the future, they will be restored in moments.

#4 Deleted pictures and files recovery

Click the "Recover" button again to restore the files you selected for recovery. They will be copied to the destination folder of choice. Just a reminder, it's a good idea to use an extra drive for safe file recovery, but it is not necessary with Disk Drill.
However the more you can do to ensure the high chances of file recovery the better. Free file recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

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To recover permanently deleted files follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Disk Drill.
  2. Launch the program and select the disk for recovery.
  3. Click Search for lost data to begin the scanning process.
  4. Review the found files and select the ones that you want to recover.
  5. Click the Recover all button to restore the deleted files to your selected location.

You can recover deleted files on Windows for free by using Disk Drill data recovery software. Download the free trial version of the software and investigate its data recovery capabilities by restoring 500 MB of data at no cost. While you are recovering your files you can check out the advanced data protection features included with this software package.

Disk Drill is the best file recovery software for Windows. It offers excellent data recovery features and can restore data from an empty Recycle Bin or a formatted disk. Using sophisticated scanning algorithms, it scans your drive on the sector level to uncover deleted files in hundreds of formats.

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For the most complicated cases there is Deep Scan

If your files were erased long ago and were pushed out of the file table stack, you'll need the help of Deep Scan, the extra powerful file recovery method. It will comb through the data left of files and reconstruct them according to their digital signatures. Multiple file formats come back to life thanks to this method. Disk Drill knows more than 200 file signatures and new ones are added with each update.

Free file recovery on Windows

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    Just wanted to leave an excellent review!!! I accidentally deleted all of my husband's med school files from his external hard drive and luckily Disk Drill was able to retrieve all of them! SOOOOO SATISFIED!
  • Have you eliminated photos unintentionally from your recycle bin? Has your antivirus deleted an important file thinking it was defective? Can't you find the program you're looking for, even if you activate Windows' system restore? Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery could be what you're searching for. Daniel Cáceres
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