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The simple answer is “probably not”. The TRIM function on an SSD (solid state drive) effectively nulls out the space where deleted files were stored, making the data completely unrecoverable, even by Disk Drill. However, we are aware of the recovery cases within Disk Drill users that actually succeeded even on SSD drives.

How could it be possible? We are not 100% sure, however, TRIM is not activated automatically, by itself. Based on the available information, TRIM is involved only when OS sends a command confirming a specific range of memory sectors is no longer in use anywhere. If your OS did not initiate this request (due to an error, or power failure, or delayed CPU response), the sectors containing deleted data will stay readable to Disk Drill, and data may still be recovered. Source: Wikipedia.

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All new Macs with SSD drives come with TRIM automatically enabled. If you have a third-party SSD drive, it may or may not have TRIM enabled. At least one company, OWC, does not recommend enabling TRIM.

So what can you do if you do have TRIM? Well, the good news is that Disk Drill does have one data protection feature that works well even on SSDs with TRIM: Guaranteed Recovery. Because Guaranteed Recovery makes an invisible copy of each file before it is emptied from the Trash, the copy is preserved.  So be doubly sure to enable Guaranteed Protection if you have an SSD drive with TRIM.

In addition, you’ll obviously want to have a robust backup system in place. And you may want to consider using a dual-drive setup on your Mac, where you use your SSD for your OS and apps, and a second non-SSD drive for file storage.


.updated: April 30, 2018 author: Jill
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