Data Protection

How Can I Monitor S.M.A.R.T. Status (Disk Health) With Disk Drill?

S.M.A.R.T. is a monitoring system built in computer hard disk drives (HDD), solid-state drives (SSDs), and eMMC drives. S.M.A.R.T. is an abbreviation for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, and sometimes you can see it written simply as SMART. This system’s […]

How to Use Time Machine to Backup or Restore your Mac

With all that can go wrong, you want a simple and reliable way to back up your files and Mac preferences. Fortunately, Apple gave us one in the Mac Time Machine app. Introduced with OS X 10.5 Leopard, the Time […]

How to Reset Your Mac to Factory Settings

There are many reasons to reset your Mac to factory settings. You may be ready to sell your Mac or it may just be slow due to many years of use. If you find yourself needing to erase the contents […]

What You Need to Know About System Integrity Protection

What is System Integrity Protection? System Integrity Protection (SIP) is a new macOS security feature that Apple first unveiled in OS X 10.11 El Capitan. That happened to also be the last vision of Apple’s operating system named in the […]

live.db and dead.db – what are they?

Make sure to get yourself well acquainted with Disk Drill’s data protection methods before proceeding with this article. Some users are wondering what the two files are and how they are used by Disk Drill. We’ll try to give a little insight […]

How Can Disk Drill Help with Wannacry Ransomware Attack?

What is WannaCry? For everyone needing help from Disk Drill to recover back from this virus attack, we have a coupon code for 10% off on Disk Drill PRO for Mac and Windows: HLP-WNNCR It will work when upgrading to […]

The Elegance in Competition

Disk Drill is the world’s leading file recovery solution however we have always had stiff competition. We have never seen our competition as a threat but more of a healthy opportunity to grow. Quite frankly we love competition at Disk […]

Are Disk Drill for Mac and Windows Identical?

How are Disk Drill for Mac and Disk Drill for Windows different? Are they the same app for different platforms? Or how do they compare feature-wise? Why is Disk Drill for Mac more expensive than the Windows Edition? Will they […]

Disk Drill vs Data Rescue, DiskWarrior, R-Studio. Choose the best data recovery app.

The choice of quality data recovery tools for macOS is in fact limited to several high-end players you have probably heard about: Disk Drill by CleverFiles, Data Rescue by Prosoft, DiskWarrior by Alsoft, Data Recovery Wizard by Easeus, TechTool by Micromat, Stellar Phoenix […]

Can Recovery Vault be used in forensic research?

Occasionally we are getting requests from various law enforcement organizations throughout the world about Disk Drill and its forensic features. In addition to Forensic Data Export in DFXML format, turns out many are able to utilize other functions of Disk Drill for making our world a […]

What do the suspicious log records mean?

Disk Drill usually detects disk errors by reading system logs of your internal and external disks (including physically connected mobile devices). Suspicious log records is not something your regular disk monitoring software will alert you about. Disk Drill does. In most cases […]

How to protect my data in Disk Drill?

The following set of instructions explain how you can enable data protection in Disk Drill to prevent any accidental data loss in the future. Disk Drill supports two different methods of data protection, which are Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery. […]

Why are large files so hard to recover?

Even with all of Disk Drill’s advanced algorithms, there are still some things that lessen your chances of a successful file recovery. One of those things is large file size — files like high resolution videos, presentations, graphic files, etc. […]

Disk Drill 2 Is a Hit

In the news: Disk Drill is a hit! Here’s a roundup of some recent reviews…

Guaranteed Recovery FAQs

Guaranteed Recovery is a Disk Drill feature that you can use to protect yourself from future data loss. Below you’ll find frequently asked questions about it. To learn how to enable and recover files with it, see How to Use […]

How Can Disk Drill Help Prevent My Files from Being Lost In the Future?

Disk Drill has three great data protection features that will make it much easier for you to prevent and recover lost files in the future. All of these features are completely free with Disk Drill Basic: Guaranteed Recovery: This feature allows […]

What Are the Disk Drill System Requirements?

Thanks for visiting our knowledge base to learn more about the system requirements for Disk Drill. As you can see, the software needs regular updates to stay compatible with modern computers. We are doing our best to keep up with […]

Recovery Vault FAQs

Recovery Vault is a Disk Drill feature that you can use to protect yourself from future data loss. Below you’ll find frequently asked questions about it. To learn how to enable and recover files with it, see How to Use […]

How to Use Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery

Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery are two different ways to protect yourself from future data loss. Recovery Vault saves the metadata (filename, file location, etc) of deleted files, making it much easier to identify and recover these files using Disk […]

Why Can’t Some of My Volumes/Partitions Be Protected with Recovery Vault?

So you are ready to apply Recovery Vault to a hard drive or partition you have connected to your Mac. This is a wise move that will enhance your chances of data recovery. Recovery Vault is very fast and has […]