How to Reset Your Mac to Factory Settings macOS

There are many reasons to reset your Mac to factory settings. You may be ready to sell your Mac or it may just be slow due to many years of use. If you find yourself needing to erase the contents […]

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Disk Drill for Windows – Update and Upgrade Policy Windows

Is my upgrade to Disk Drill 4 free? 👋 Free Upgrade – Grace Period If you purchased Disk Drill 2.x (Windows) after July 1st, 2019, the upgrade to Disk Drill 4.0 (Windows and Mac) is free for you. This is our […]

Psst… Get Disk Drill PRO Coupon, Discount Right Now

We all have secrets, but this is a secret we can’t hide… We need to share it with you! Yes, we have a hidden discount for you, so you could get Disk Drill PRO for Mac for less, the regular price is $89. And […]

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What Is Shamoon Malware and What Are Its Targets?

Malware and viruses present some of the most challenging issues facing computer security experts. As more and more of the world’s commerce and industrial control is performed using computers, the threat of system infection and its repercussions have grown exponentially. […]

The Best Way to Handle an Over-Heated Storage Device

There are a number of urban myths surrounding the utility of using ice in data recovery efforts or to help repair a damaged hard drive. In this article, we will dispel those rumors and talk about the real effects that […]

The Complete Guide on How to Root Android Phones & Tablets

Rooting for File Recovery with Disk Drill There are many reasons to root your Android device and you’ve likely heard the term “root” many times. Rooting unlocks access to hidden features on your Android device or running unofficial apps which […]

Cleaning up S.M.A.R.T & Fuse After Uninstalling Disk Drill

Did you remove Disk Drill by simply dragging the app to the trash? Yikes, you probably still have the S.M.A.R.T. monitoring tool hanging around in your menu bar. You may also notice FUSE showing in your Preferences area. These additional […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

If you’ve got important files or photos on your phone that you need to transfer to your Mac (or vice versa) – you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to look at the various different methods […]

How to Set an Alarm on Mac

It is important to note that although the Mac App Store offers many alternatives for installing an alarm clock on your Mac, your best bet, as far as alarm setting is concerned, is the Calendar app which has been installed […]

Best Apple Watch (iWatch) Accessories Worth Buying: Headphones, Straps & More

Does Apple Watch actually live up to its battery life promises to you? Many naysayers consider it the worst feature of the wearable. The most obvious solution? Yeah, the power strap with almost tripled battery capacity! Reserve Strap is like […]

Everything You Need to Know about Rooting your Android Device

We all want to get the most out of our devices. Unfortunately, your Android device comes heavily locked down. For most people, this is a good thing. No program can change important settings or tamper with system software, protecting you […]

How to Right-Click on a Mac

Mac computers have a lot of things going for them. While more expensive than other computer brands, their unifying ecosystems ensure that your Mac computer will always work out of the box. However, as any new Mac user soon realizes, […]

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac macOS

You need to know how to uninstall programs on Mac computers to free storage space. On the surface, this seems like an easy task. You can uninstall most applications just by moving their folders to the Trash. However, this will […]

“Maybe it’s a typo” Or “A Big Thank You”

It’s Friday, and it’s full moon today. All software developers know, that’s exactly the day when bugs come out. Is it also the 13th? Can someone check the calendar, please? Today we were contacted by our fellow developers from WinZip, they […]

Some thoughts on eternal support, upgrades, challenges and more… macOS

Dear John, We were all drawn to one of your [social media] posts today and the whole team discussed it before replying [, we then also decided to post this reply officially on our knowledgebase]. I can’t say we are […]

Disk Drill vs Data Rescue, DiskWarrior, R-Studio. Choose the best data recovery app. macOS

The choice of quality data recovery tools for macOS is in fact limited to several high-end players you have probably heard about: Disk Drill by CleverFiles, Data Rescue by Prosoft, DiskWarrior by Alsoft, Data Recovery Wizard by Easeus, TechTool by Micromat, Stellar Phoenix […]

Disk Drill activation code, serial key, keygen, unlock, crack

Welcome! You probably found this page looking for a free Disk Drill activation code or a serial key for Disk Drill PRO. You may even have been looking for a way to get Disk Drill PRO for free. Have you […]