Starting today, May 10, 2022, you may get your lifetime Disk Drill license in a form of a non-fungible token, or NFT (for short). Only 100 of them have been minted and are available as of the time of this post.

Disk Drill - NFT on OpenSea


When you buy Disk Drill PRO as NFT, the tokens you get in return prove and represent your lifetime digital ownership of the official software license. You are also getting a cool unique pixelated portrait of the branded CleverFiles professor, which also bears an aesthetic and collectible value.

💰 33% OFF

Each Disk Drill PRO NFT license presented today at OpenSea costs USDC 79 (≈US$79). It contains a lifetime license of Disk Drill PRO, thus making it 33% cheaper than the similar traditional license available on our websites (US$118, official price). Disk Drill PRO NFTs exist on Polygon blockchain, unlike regular software licenses, you can easily gift or sell your “used” NFT copy of our software at the second hand market any time. We chose Polygon instead of Ethereum for its low gas fees.


NFTs as a technology and specifically Disk Drill PRO NFTs make it easier to track and verify transactions, authenticity, and digital ownership.

You will find your unique activation code inside the unlockable part of the Disk Drill NFT you purchase at OpenSea. At the technical level, though it’s not the fully redesigned “unlock with NFT” backend solution yet, the evolution of existing licensing services into the NFT space is a huge leap forward, and we’ll keep exploring the crypto opportunities presented to software developers, like CleverFiles, in this realm.


We hope you’ll support us in this attempt to blend the existing user-facing software with the digital ownership solutions of the future, as well as blockchain in general. Happy ownership to all our new NFT buyers!

.updated: May 11, 2022 author: CleverFiles Team