Data Recovery

Disk Drill and GoPro Recovery

Good news for all Disk Drill, CnW Recovery and GoPro Recovery fans and users, and a great step forward in the data recovery software industry. CleverFiles and CnW are officially joining forces in advancing video recovery technology into the future. […]

How do I find a specific lost item in Disk Drill once the scan is over?

So you downloaded Disk Drill because you probably lost a file, a folder, or maybe even a partition. Now, whatever you need to recover needs to be found promptly, so it is not overwritten with new data and is as […]

Predict chances to recover lost data in Disk Drill for Windows

Estimated Recovery Chances In Disk Drill 4.3 for Windows we have introduced a new auxiliary feature: recovery chances prediction. The goal for this mechanism is to optimize your data recovery experience and make it substantially faster. We hope that estimated […]

How to Recover Data from External Hard Drives

The convenience of external hard drives is undeniable. They allow us to carry terabytes of data everywhere we go, they can be easily shared among many devices, and their installation could hardly be any simpler. Because of their ubiquitous nature, […]

Disk Drill 4.3 Introduces Native Support for Apple Silicon M1 Macs macOS

Secure Enclave Apple devices, namely Macs, iPhones, iPads, Watch, HomePod and Apple TV, are among the most secure on the planet. The recent additions to almost every Apple’s device family is protected with Secure Enclave, a coprocessor for additional data […]

Disk Drill 4 – Just Released – The Essential App for macOS Data Recovery

Meet Disk Drill 4 for macOS. The new release finds more data. It’s our best Disk Drill ever. It’s also the first data recovery on the planet with full official support of macOS Big Sur. Disk Drill 4 goes beyond T2 protections and ensures you can now extract the existing data in case of its accidental corruption or partition issues.

How to Run Disk Drill in macOS Recovery Mode

What is Disk Drill? Disk Drill is a powerful do-it-yourself app that can scan, recover and protect data on virtually any storage device, such as internal and external hard drives, cameras, iPods, USB flash drives, Mac computers, and memory cards. […]

Scanning FAQs

Disk Drill has several different scanning methods that allow it to examine your storage device and locate lost files. Below you’ll find frequently asked questions about these methods. If you’re ready to get started with a scan, see How to […]

Full Disk Access and Disk Drill on macOS 10.15 Catalina

We’ve already mentioned the importance of granting Full Disk Access to Disk Drill on macOS Mojave. Since then Apple expanded the security sensors of macOS, and with the release of Catalina Full Disk Access is a native requirement for Disk […]

How to Reset Your Mac to Factory Settings

There are many reasons to reset your Mac to factory settings. You may be ready to sell your Mac or it may just be slow due to many years of use. If you find yourself needing to erase the contents […]

Say Hello and See What’s New in Disk Drill 4 for Windows

Disk Drill 4Back to Disk Drill 4Back to cleverfiles.comDownload now Your one-stop data recovery and protection toolset for Now simpler, faster, and more efficient than ever Download nowWatch video The New Streamlined Look We listened, observed, experimented and are […]

What Is cfbackd and Why Is It on My Mac?

What is cfbackd? When the Disk Drill data recovery tool is installed on your Mac, it includes the cfbackd daemon. This daemon is responsible for all of the aspects of the software that require constant disk communication and the ability […]

What Is Shamoon Malware and What Are Its Targets?

Malware and viruses present some of the most challenging issues facing computer security experts. As more and more of the world’s commerce and industrial control is performed using computers, the threat of system infection and its repercussions have grown exponentially. […]

Data Recovery from Encrypted HFS+ and APFS Volumes

These days data security is undoubtedly becoming everyone’s top priority. macOS is one of the most secure consumer operating systems that provides plenty of simple ways to encrypt your data and add an extra layer of protection with the system’s […]

Lost Data after macOS Mojave Upgrade? Disk Drill to the Rescue

The technology behind a good computer operating system never stands still. Apple and Microsoft, the architects behind the two most popular operating systems, are constantly making major and minor upgrades to their products. These upgrades provide new features for users […]

Fusion Drive Support in Disk Drill

Generally speaking, the modern trend in data storage evolution is progressing towards layered data architecture. This is implemented by adding an extra logic layer on a data flow between the storage devices and the file system residing on these devices. […]

Disk Drill Mac – Data Recovery Sessions – Save, Load, Resume Your Scans

Disk Drill data recovery tool has a great feature that allows you to pause the scan at any moment and resume it later when it is convenient for you – recovery sessions. Here’s a quick video that explains recovery sessions […]

Data Recovery from Damaged or Failing Disks. The Importance of Backups and When to Go to an Expert

Your data is super important – it’s always painful to lose, regardless of the reasons. We are here to ensure its recoverability and provide help and advice. Unfortunately, recovering lost data is not an exact science, and as we usually […]

Cleaning up S.M.A.R.T & Fuse After Uninstalling Disk Drill

Did you remove Disk Drill by simply dragging the app to the trash? Yikes, you probably still have the S.M.A.R.T. monitoring tool hanging around in your menu bar. You may also notice FUSE showing in your Preferences area. These additional […]

How To Recover Data From Another Mac in Target Disk Mode

Target Disk Mode has several uses in correlation to Disk Drill (and in general). One of the most recent uses is file recovery on the latest macOS release, High Sierra. Due to the new restrictions introduced by Apple, some third-party […]