Good news for all Disk Drill, CnW Recovery and GoPro Recovery fans and users, and a great step forward in the data recovery software industry. CleverFiles and CnW are officially joining forces in advancing video recovery technology into the future.

Disk Drill and GoPro Recovery

What Happened

CleverFiles Inc., USA, acquires CnW Recovery Developments Ltd, UK. The deal was signed in November 2023, followed by the handshake agreement in January 2024. For the next 6-12 months the teams will work together on integrating and improving the existing video recovery technology within the upcoming iterations of Disk Drill.

Why It’s Important

The first release of Disk Drill took place almost 13 years ago. CnW was accumulating their knowledge of fragmented video recovery from memory cards (along with a ton of other related algorithms) since 2004. Today, Disk Drill grew into a universal reliable tool for almost every DIY data recovery scenario you can think of, including RAID and NAS recovery, iOS recovery, disk health monitoring, data protection, emergency backups, support for a wide spectrum of file systems and storage devices, and so on.

While working on improving our own data carving features, it made a lot of sense to up the results with the influx of decades worth of experience from the experts in the field. Joining intellectual forces with CnW is truly beneficial for our users and the industry in general. Together we will be working on solving one of the trickiest data loss cases, where “usual” data recovery approach does not always yield the best outcomes.

What’s Next

GoPro Recovery software will be available to everyone for the coming months while CleverFiles integrates its amazing video restoration algorithms into Disk Drill as a new module for fragmented file recovery. In parallel, we’ll be working on implementing a similar, more universal, analysis to not just enable the recovery from memory cards, but any storage devices where fragmented video could’ve been stored before deletion. We are working on improving success rates for our users. During 2024 GoPro Recovery will merge into the next major version of Disk Drill. All registered users of GPR (GoPro Recovery) and CnW (CnW Recovery) will receive free lifetime upgrades.

Please follow the news on Disk Drill and GoPro Recovery apps to find out when the next version with the universal analyzer is out. If you have any questions about our plans for GPR or CnW apps or services, just ask.

Thank You

We are thankful to everyone supporting our teams throughout these years. We are off to another major milestone that will help everyone in the world recover more lost videos, images and other files, save their memories and professional footages, prevent the unexpected and protect their data.

If you are interested in helping us with improve the recovery quality for videos or any other data types, we are always looking for real-life cases that can be shared with us (bounties possible). Get in touch.

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.updated: January 30, 2024 author: CleverFiles Team