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Top 4 Best Cleaner Software to Speed Up your Mac macOS

Macs are loved for their reliability and polish. But, like all computers, even Macs tend to slow down with age. When that happens, many people choose the nuclear option: a complete system reinstall. There are cases when a full reinstall […]

What is the Concept of Wear Leveling on an SSD Drive? macOS

A Solid State Drive (SSD) is a storage device that is constructed without the use of moving mechanical parts. An SSD stores data electronically by employing flash memory. Their architecture is a radical departure from the traditional storage devices previously […]

Take Your Mac Desktop Organization to the Next Level

Most Mac users wouldn’t be able to imagine what it would be like to be limited to a single open application window at a time. But as convenient as the ability to minimize, maximize, move, and resize windows is, it […]

How to Post on Instagram from a Mac

Launched in 2010, the social media site Instagram has, along with Twitter and Facebook, established itself as a go-to destination for influencers and people with the desire to share various aspects of their daily lives with others. Instagram is steadily […]

Make Your Mac Run Faster with These Tips macOS

It’s not unusual for Mac computers to slow down over time when not properly maintained. To keep your Mac computer in an excellent condition, you must do a thorough cleanup once in a while, and this article explains how. How […]

Accents and Special Characters on Mac Computer

Do you own a Mac computer with the standard English keyboard layout and need to write Spanish or French accents and various special characters on a regular basis? Then you probably find yourself copy-pasting the characters and symbols you need […]

How to Copy and Paste on Mac Computers

There are two main methods how you can copy and paste text, documents, images, and other content across applications and web pages. The Keyboard Method The first method involves three very handy keyboard shortcuts that you should definitely remember: Command-X […]

Easy Steps to Root Android Device with KingRoot App

If you’re looking to root your smartphone or tablet — Kingo Android Root might be the right app for you. Traditionally, rooting your phone used to require some Linux knowledge and quite a lot of complicated setup. Even then, it […]

Everything You Need to Know about Rooting your Android Device

We all want to get the most out of our devices. Unfortunately, your Android device comes heavily locked down. For most people, this is a good thing. No program can change important settings or tamper with system software, protecting you […]

Speed Up Your Mac

People rarely talk about this, but Macs do slow down over time. Your Mac may have started its life as a beautiful, fast Apple box, but it will collect files and corrupted data like a sponge as it ages. This […]

How to Right-Click on a Mac

Mac computers have a lot of things going for them. While more expensive than other computer brands, their unifying ecosystems ensure that your Mac computer will always work out of the box. However, as any new Mac user soon realizes, […]

5 Ways to Reset & Change a Lost Admin Password on Mac

Have you lost your Mac OS X admin password? Don’t despair; you’re not the first person in this sticky situation. In fact, people lose passwords all the time — both to admin and regular accounts. Fortunately, there are multiple methods […]

How to Download & Install Old Versions of Mac OS X macOS

One of the best aspects of owning a Mac is the great upgrade system it is. It will always give you the best, most recent version of OS X for your system, ensuring that you are always up to date […]

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac macOS

You need to know how to uninstall programs on Mac computers to free storage space. On the surface, this seems like an easy task. You can uninstall most applications just by moving their folders to the Trash. However, this will […]

How to Use Time Machine to Backup or Restore your Mac macOS

With all that can go wrong, you want a simple and reliable way to back up your files and Mac preferences. Fortunately, Apple gave us one in the Mac Time Machine app. Introduced with OS X 10.5 Leopard, the Time […]

Are Disk Drill for Mac and Windows Identical?

How are Disk Drill for Mac and Disk Drill for Windows different? Are they the same app for different platforms? Or how do they compare feature-wise? Why is Disk Drill for Mac more expensive than the Windows Edition? Will they […]

Managing bad sectors in Disk Drill macOS

As you know, you can always manually set memory sectors (or blocks) on your storage device as “bad” in Disk Drill. Or vice versa, you can always navigate to “Configuration gear -> Specify bad blocks” on your hard drives to manually remove […]

Disk Drill vs Data Rescue, DiskWarrior, R-Studio. Choose the best data recovery app. macOS

The choice of quality data recovery tools for macOS is in fact limited to several high-end players you have probably heard about: Disk Drill by CleverFiles, Data Rescue by Prosoft, DiskWarrior by Alsoft, Data Recovery Wizard by Easeus, TechTool by Micromat, Stellar Phoenix […]

How to search for duplicates and eliminate them macOS

Disk Drill allows you to search for duplicated files and remove them in order to free additional disk space. This option is tightly integrated in Disk Drill, so that you can remove duplicates directly from the application. To check a […]