New Disk Drill sees improvements in iOS data recovery, scanning for new file types, faster scanning speeds in certain cases, and refined handling of NAS devices.

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disk drill 5.5 for macos update


  • Disk Drill 5.5 brings on lots of fine tuning of interface and overall app performance.
  • New file signatures recognized by Disk Drill: .gp – Guitar Pro 8 Tablature and .musx – Finale Music Notation files.
  • iOS scan can now recognize and include geographical location in photo recovery results as well as keychain passwords.


  • Minor improvements in iPhone and iPads scanning module for even better user experience.
  • Improved handling of Dropbox files by the Clean Up module.
  • Better presentation of images assigned to the recovered contacts.
  • Better recovery chances prediction for the files recovered from BTRFS file systems.
  • Much improved .potm files detection and therefore their subsequent recovery.
  • Overall scanning speed improvements by approximately 5%.
  • Subtle improvements of the app interface visuals, responsiveness and usability throughout.
  • Purgeable space is now taken into consideration when determining how much free space is available on disk.
  • Better detection of operating systems on scanned NAS devices.
  • Better handling of NAS devices set up with DRBD system.
  • Overall improvements for data recovery from Android devices.
  • Better detection of the following file signatures during scan: .potx, .ppsm, .pptm, .dotx, .docm, .dotm, .xltx, .xltm, .xlsm, .xlsb.
  • Disk Drill stability on macOS Big Sur.
  • Optimized the display of information about NAS devices and their elements.


  • Corrected some issues when attempting recovery from locked notes on iOS devices.
  • Fixed Disk Drill running out of memory on rare occasions while scanning for lost contacts, and other non-file entities.
  • Random occurrences of the detected lost partitions not being displayed in dashboard during scan.
  • Crash during scan when a .zip file was found.
  • Data Protection module was not always displaying all supported partitions.
  • Randomly occurring issue in Clean Up module upon dashboard refresh.
  • Rare crash when items were dragged to caddy in Clean Up module.
  • Eliminated the Dylib Hijack Scanner vulnerability in a third-party analytics library.
  • Sorting status for the Disk list not saved.
  • Excessively long scan of Fusion Drive has been fixed.

Download Disk Drill data recovery app Download now

.updated: May 7, 2024 author: CleverFiles Team