This Disk Drill minor update habitually offers a major list of new features, overall improvements, as well as anticipated fixes. Advanced settings for SMART monitoring, better handling of RAID arrays, and new file signatures supported.

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disk drill 5.5 for windows update


  • Completely new NAS recovery algorithm. Disk Drill can now connect to NAS devices via SSH protocol and securely scan the connected drives and RAID units.
  • Completely new Linux Recovery algorithm. Disk Drill now connects to Linux OS via SSH protocol in order to securely scan the connected drives and RAIDs.
  • BTRFS RAID systems are now fully supported.
  • New file signatures recognized by Disk Drill: .gp – Guitar Pro 8 Tablature and .musx – Finale Music Notation files.
  • Advanced settings for SMART monitoring for JMICRON USB RAID units.


  • Greatly improved filtering of scan results in different view modes.
  • The .potm file signature detection during scan has been improved.
  • Multiple enhancements in user interaction with the Disk Drill interface. Lots of responsiveness updates throughout.
  • Better detection of the following file signatures during scan: .potx, .ppsm, .pptm, .dotx, .docm, .dotm, .xltx, .xltm, .xlsm, .xlsb.
  • EXT4 journals are scanned at a faster speed now.
  • General info section for RAID arrays now contains more data.
  • Detection and display of RAID child units when the RAID had several partitions.
  • Possibility to show/hide hidden items and their information on disks.
  • The view of all detected storage devices are now expanded for better visual convenience.
  • Now you won’t miss a Disk Drill update thanks to improved check for updates mechanism.


  • Issues with failed recovery of the files that originally had reserved names as the filenames.
  • Unsuitable storage devices showing up in Clean Up module.
  • A crash occurring in Clean Up module when several drives were connected simultaneously and Quick Access folders were deleted.
  • A random app crash occurring if a critical SMART notice has been clicked while in Clean Up module.
  • Offline license activation issues.
  • Scan statuses not fully displayed during the scan with the app window size set to default.
  • Minor interface flaws have been fixed here and there.
  • Right-click menu options not always corresponding to the recovery options available at the time.
  • Disabled recovery chances filter for the recovery session with the chances calculated during scan, after the source drive had been disconnected from computer.
  • Random crashes occurring during the scan of .eml files.
  • At times, already deleted folders were still displayed in Clean Up module.

Download Disk Drill data recovery app Download now

.updated: May 7, 2024 author: CleverFiles Team