Everything you need to know about Disk Drill as a first-time user: data recovery 101, data protection and more.

How do I find a specific lost item in Disk Drill once the scan is over?

So you downloaded Disk Drill because you probably lost a file, a folder, or maybe even a partition. Now, whatever you need to recover needs to be found promptly, so it is not overwritten with new data and is as […]

Predict chances to recover lost data in Disk Drill for Windows

Estimated Recovery Chances In Disk Drill 4.3 for Windows we have introduced a new auxiliary feature: recovery chances prediction. The goal for this mechanism is to optimize your data recovery experience and make it substantially faster. We hope that estimated […]

How to Run Disk Drill in macOS Recovery Mode

What is Disk Drill? Disk Drill is a powerful do-it-yourself app that can scan, recover and protect data on virtually any storage device, such as internal and external hard drives, cameras, iPods, USB flash drives, Mac computers, and memory cards. […]

What is Disk Drill?

If you are here, reading this article, you might be asking yourself what Disk Drill app is, why you need to download a data recovery app or why you already have it installed on your computer. Here you go! Disk Drill is a […]

Full Disk Access and Disk Drill on macOS 10.15 Catalina

We’ve already mentioned the importance of granting Full Disk Access to Disk Drill on macOS Mojave. Since then Apple expanded the security sensors of macOS, and with the release of Catalina Full Disk Access is a native requirement for Disk […]

T2 Security Chip: Boot Your Mac with Disk Drill’s Boot Drive

If your Mac employs the Apple T2 Security Chip, you may need to modify your system’s Secure Boot settings in order to boot from a recovery disk created by Disk Drill. This holds true for bootable disks meant for data […]

What Is cfbackd and Why Is It on My Mac?

What is cfbackd? When the Disk Drill data recovery tool is installed on your Mac, it includes the cfbackd daemon. This daemon is responsible for all of the aspects of the software that require constant disk communication and the ability […]

Tagging Files and Folders on macOS Computers

If you appreciate some order on your hard drive (and we are sure you do!) and the ability to find a required file or folder as soon as it is needed, you simply need to learn the tagging trick. Thanks […]

The Best Ways to Access System Preferences on Your Mac

Owners of Macs or MacBooks should be well acquainted with their computer’s System Preferences. It’s the command center from which you can control and personalize just about every aspect of your machine. You use System Preferences to do everything from […]

Full Disk Access and Disk Drill on macOS Mojave

⚠️ This article has been updated for macOS 10.15 Catalina. Click here for its updated version. Note: If you are stuck in getting this FDA request over and over again, even after adding Disk Drill to FDA list, just close […]

How to Enable Direct Device Access in Disk Drill for Mac

Disk Drill is not your regular app. It belongs to system utilities and requires elevated permissions to run properly and access your data, unlike some of the apps that you might be used to downloading from the App Store. It’s […]

What You Need to Know about Temporary Folders on Your Mac

In this article, we are going to enlighten you regarding the subject of temporary folders on your macOS or Mac OS X machine. Before we proceed we offer this word of caution. Deleting files or otherwise playing around in the […]

How to Fix Blurry Fonts on Mac OS X High Sierra and Mojave

A very common issue many Mac users face is blurry fonts on their screens. They may also look fuzzy or even extremely thin. This is a very common issue for macOS High Sierra and newly launched macOS Mojave. Many users […]

How to Figure Your Mac Login if You Forgot It

Most home users of Mac computers set their Macs to login without the need of a username or password, by just pressing one button they have access to their Mac and applications and all their data. This is not the […]

The Best Way to Use APFS Snapshots

Apple introduced the Apple File System (APFS) at their developers’ conference in 2016. It replaced the aging HFS+ file system which had been used since 1998. It became the default file system for iOS 10.3 in March of 2017. Starting […]

What You Need to Know about Disk Image Data Recovery: DMG, ISO, BIN/CUE

One of the most appealing characteristics of the macOS is the combination of power and simplicity that the operating system provides a user. The Mac’s ease of use often insulates us from the inner workings of the incredible technology that […]

What You Need To Know About the Mac Disk Utility

Mac users can gain a wealth of information about their system with tools provided with their operating system. Clicking the Apple icon in the upper left corner and then choosing “About This Mac” allows you to investigate many details concerning […]

Data Recovery from Encrypted HFS+ and APFS Volumes

These days data security is undoubtedly becoming everyone’s top priority. macOS is one of the most secure consumer operating systems that provides plenty of simple ways to encrypt your data and add an extra layer of protection with the system’s […]

Fusion Drive Support in Disk Drill

Generally speaking, the modern trend in data storage evolution is progressing towards layered data architecture. This is implemented by adding an extra logic layer on a data flow between the storage devices and the file system residing on these devices. […]

Speed Up Your Mac

People rarely talk about this, but Macs do slow down over time. Your Mac may have started its life as a beautiful, fast Apple box, but it will collect files and corrupted data like a sponge as it ages. This […]