What is cfbackd?

When the Disk Drill data recovery tool is installed on your Mac, it includes the cfbackd daemon. This daemon is responsible for all of the aspects of the software that require constant disk communication and the ability to send user notifications.

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What does cfbackd do?

The daemon maintains communication with your system’s disks. This communication is essential for many of Disk Drill’s functions to operate successfully. The application relies on cfbackd to provide advanced features such as S.M.A.R.T. monitoring, Recovery Vault, and Guaranteed Recovery. Maintaining communication with your disks is required in order to monitor them for disk health (even during data recovery scans) and alert you to potential problems.

Will Disk Drill operate without cfbackd?

You cannot disable or remove this daemon in macOS 10.11 or later macOS releases if you want Disk Drill to function properly.

Can cfbackd cause problems with my system?

Under ordinary conditions, your system should not be adversely affected by the presence of cfbackd. There have been some reports of a rogue cfbackd daemon monopolizing the system’s CPU, but they are the exception. These may have been caused by the incomplete or incorrect removal of the software from your system. If you do experience issues with the product, contact Clever Files Customer support.

How do I uninstall Disk Drill correctly?

If you decide that Disk Drill is no longer needed on your macOS system you might be tempted to delete the application. Simply dropping the app’s icon in the Trash Bin will not have the desired effect of completely removing the program from your system. It will leave cfbackd resident on your machine and may lead to the daemon inadvertently using your system’s resources. To delete all of Disk Drill, including cfbackd, follow one of these procedures.

.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team