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Disk Drill
Disk Drill

Just Released!
The Essential App for
macOS Data Recovery

Disk Drill 4 finds more data. It’s our best Disk Drill ever.

Disk Drill 4 for Mac - Welcome Screen

Better Interface

Easier access to numerous features + faster and more informative scans + simple yet powerful management of found items + embedded preview = the elevated user experience! Enjoy simpler scan progress notifications and embedded tutorials.

More Files Found

Updated FAT32, NTFS, HFS+ and APFS recovery algorithms, powered by Disk Drill’s clever scans, simply find more recoverable files. In many test cases we’ve seen up to a 200% recovery efficiency and quality boost.

Data Shredder

Securely delete any files and folders, for good! This new free module will destroy unwanted files on your storage device beyond any future recovery.

Time Machine Recovery

Analyze your Time Machine backups and safely extract any data you may need. No need to restore or roll back your historic snapshots.

More File Formats Recognized

Deep Scan is one of the most advanced Disk Drill’s recovery algorithms. It works even when hard drives lose their formatting and disk space is marked as unallocated. This Disk Drill release concentrates on raw photos and videos, and substantially improves their recovery in so many way.

New image file types now recoverable on Mac

Panasonic RWL
Minolta MRW
Sony SR2 and SRF
Olympus ORF
Leaf MOS
Canon CR3
Mamiya MEF
Panasonic/Leica RAW
Epson ERF

As well as many video and audio formats

BRAW: professional video recordings
Canon CRM: Cinema RAW Light HD videos
Panasonic RWL
CinemaDNG: reconstruct deleted digital cinema files
Ground-breaking improvements in QuickTime-based video recovery (MOV and similar containers)
MPC: compressed audio files based on MPEG-2 algorithms
and others

Notable mentions

Improved recovery and labeling of ZIP and RAR file formats, support for RAR generation 5
Better reconstruction, labeling and ID3 tag naming for MP3 files

A Glimpse Beyond Encryption

Almost all Macs produced since 2018 are equipped with T2 security chips that prevent unauthorized access to their SSD drives and information on them. It’s also affecting the data recovery industry in a big way.

While it’s still close to impossible to recover deleted data from T2-protected storage devices, and we all know how tricky SSD recovery is, Disk Drill 4 goes beyond T2 protections and ensures you no longer get empty scans on those drives. You can now extract the existing data in case of its accidental corruption or partition issues.

Disk Drill 4 for Mac - T2 Security Chips Support

* This is a developing feature, and a priority for our team these days.

Disk Drill 4 for Mac - Data Recovery in Progress

Ready for macOS 11 Big Sur

We haven’t just brought the long-awaited Dark Mode to Disk Drill, we’ve also optimized it for the new macOS in terms of features, internal technologies, code, speed, etc.

Ready for iOS 14

Disk Drill’s iOS recovery not only gets highlighted in the new sidebar as a separate recovery mode, we’ve also added support for the all-new Apple’s iOS 14.

New Disk Image Formats

Got an unsupported disk image that you would want Disk Drill to scan for lost data? We are adding the support of DSK, BIN, DAT, RAW, and DD formats to our arsenal.

More Free Tools

We are adding Data Shredder and Free Disk Space Erasure as separate free extras that help prevent further data recovery. In addition to your entire drives, Clean Up mode can now map specific folders.

Disk Drill Just Keeps Improving

With every new minor and major release we are adding new features, polishing the familiar ones, advancing our algorithms. With Disk Drill 4 for macOS we wanted to invest our best talent into the most important features for the majority of our customers, our powerful data recovery methods, like Quick, Deep, and Clever Scans, Search for Lost Partitions, etc. And we believe, we achieved many of these goals since Disk Drill 3.


However, we couldn’t but improve multiple other sides of our brainchild, and here are just a few of them:

Local Time Machine snapshots are now included in scans for lost data

More informative and effective pausing and resuming of scans: improved clever scans that require uninterrupted scanning time

Substantial Deep Scan speed improvements when scanning for raw image formats

Improved recovery of fragmented directories helps with locating original file names and structures

Dynamic monitoring and detection of newly connected or changed devices and partitions

Increased installation speed

Portable Mode enhancements when running Disk Drill without actual deployment onto a live system

Disk Drill can be launched in Recovery Mode through Terminal without the need to create a bootable drive

Better notifications on filtered objects, background scans, and more

Multiple data protection improvements in Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery

S.M.A.R.T. disk health monitoring improvements
Clever scan will now list live files separately and won’t scan disk areas with live files to improve speed and avoid false findings (configurable)

Faster scans and data removals in Clean Up mode

Better listing of RAID arrays available for recovery

.updated: June 26, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team