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Version 5.5.1517macOS 10.15.7–14.x

Thank you for choosing Disk Drill. Download the disk image, double-click it, drag the Disk Drill app to Applications folder and launch it from there. If your download didn't start, please click here.

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Download Disk Drill for Mac
Drag to Applications Folder
Open Disk Drill
Select the Drive To Be Scanned

Where's Your Lost Data?

Choose the storage device where your deleted data was located.

Scan for Lost Data

Search for Lost Data

Let Disk Drill scan your storage device for any recoverable files and folders. It usually takes just a few minutes.

Recover lost data on Mac

Restore Your Deleted Data

Review your recoverable data and restore it to another media.

Customers and reviewers say

  • Albert Reingewirtz
    Albert Reingewirtz
    Bravo! I just did the high level scan. Unbelievable! You are the only one capable of recovering from a CF 16GB. Every program I tried so far failed miserably. My hat to you.
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  • Tim Fulton
    Tim Fulton
    Nice application! Much, much faster than “PC Inspector Smart Recovery” application using VMWare
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  • mac.appstorm.net
    You throw away a folder without checking its contents, or prematurely decide you won't need a certain file anymore. That's why you should consider using an application like Disk Drill; to protect you against yourself and the fancies of technology. Simon Slanger
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