This can’t be 21st century! We deny to believe. But it’s true. russia has attacked Ukraine, and their troops are bombing peaceful cities with millions of civilians. Living quarters, schools, factories, administration buildings, and heritage sites are targeted by russians.

Big russia, strong Ukraine!


There’s NO justification for this nonsense in 2022 or ever. We strongly condemn this irrationality. We are supporting the people of Ukraine with everything we can now!

If this war is not stopped now, it may come to everyone’s home very soon!

Here are several specific things we all can and should do to help restore peace in the center of Europe today!

1. Call your elected representatives wherever you live and demand ever-higher punitive sanctions on russia without loopholes or exceptions, and immediate support for Ukraine.

2. Cease all your business in russia, starting immediately with any government-linked or partially government-owned entities. Most US companies took much needed ESG pledges in recent years. Let’s live up to them.

3. Set up a charitable donation fund for Ukraine. There are many immediate needs: first aid supplies, refugee support, etc. Below are some 501c3 organizations that do excellent work. We’re listing a few entities able to convert your donations into aid on the ground in a matter of days.

  1. Razom for Ukraine. First aid trauma supplies.
  2. Support Hospitals in Ukraine. Tactical medicine and field surgery supplies.
  3. United Help Ukraine. Medical supplies and more.
  4. Leleka Foundation. Medical and social support.
  5. Nova Ukraine. Humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
  6. Sunflower of Peace. Helping Ukrainians affected by the Russian military invasion.
  7. Voices of Children. Psychological help for children with war trauma.
  8. Here’s a broader list of organizations and things we can do.

We at CleverFiles work with coders, researchers, writers, marketing consultants, designers, QA experts and other IT specialists all over the world, including Ukraine. We DO NOT and will not hire anyone in russia. Millions of people all over the world are keeping their data safe thanks to CleverFiles solutions, based on Disk Drill technology. Thank you for your continued support throughout the last 10+ years!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to democracy! Peace everyone!

The CleverFiles Team

.updated: April 8, 2022 author: CleverFiles Team