How to Uninstall Apps on Mac

You need to know how to uninstall programs on Mac computers to free storage space. On the surface, this seems like an easy task. You can uninstall most applications just by moving their folders to the Trash. However, this will […]

“Maybe it’s a typo” Or “A Big Thank You”

It’s Friday, and it’s full moon today. All software developers know, that’s exactly the day when bugs come out. Is it also the 13th? Can someone check the calendar, please? Today we were contacted by our fellow developers from WinZip, they […]

Some thoughts on eternal support, upgrades, challenges and more…

Dear John, We were all drawn to one of your [social media] posts today and the whole team discussed it before replying [, we then also decided to post this reply officially on our knowledgebase]. I can’t say we are […]

Disk Drill vs Data Rescue, DiskWarrior, R-Studio. Choose the best data recovery app.

The choice of quality data recovery tools for macOS is in fact limited to several high-end players you have probably heard about: Disk Drill by CleverFiles, Data Rescue by Prosoft, DiskWarrior by Alsoft, Data Recovery Wizard by Easeus, TechTool by Micromat, Stellar Phoenix […]