It’s Friday, and it’s full moon today. All software developers know, that’s exactly the day when bugs come out. Is it also the 13th? Can someone check the calendar, please?

Today we were contacted by our fellow developers from WinZip, they were probably laughing at us when they decided to report this. And we totally get it, and would probably also laugh at us if it was ourselves, or at least our QA guys, or someone from our users who would notice what seems to be a typo… It was the most obvious and at the same time the most well-hidden bug we’ve ever encountered in our professional history.

Disk Drill 2 for windows

According to Google, there are ~19M other users who misspell this word (intentionally or not). Today we are officially accepted to the club. Wellcome, CleverFiles.


But now we know why no one ever mentioned this glitch to us after the release of Disk Drill 2 (Windows) last August. Thousands are next-next-next’ing the tutorial and never read it, just like any of us. Or probably uninstall the app right away after discovering the worst bug ever. But according to our tech assistance team there has only been 1 user of Disk Drill throughout the years who made the same mistake. Our users are smarter than us. So today, we say A BIG THANK YOU to our friends […sigh of hope] at WinZip for discovering and reporting back this slip of a thumb. The fix is on the way.

There’s no excuse for not re-reading our own tutorial 256 times before and 512 times after the release. Lesson learned.

.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team