How to recover Nikon NEF photo files on Windows and Mac

What Is a NEF File? NEF is an abbreviation for Nikon Electronic Format, which is a RAW file format exclusive to Nikon cameras. What are RAW file formats, you ask? RAW file formats are special formats used primarily by manufacturers

Learn how to recover deleted or lost TIFF file with Disk Drill

What Is a TIFF File? Often mocked as “Thousands of Incompatible File Formats,” TIFF actually stands for “Tagged Image File Format.” The history of this very interesting and highly used file format dates back to the fall of 1986, when

What is a PNG file used for & how to recover lost PNG pictures

What Is a PNG File? PNG files are image files that can be easily recognized by their file extensions: PNG or png. The extension refers to the raster graphics file format using which the images are stored. The format was

How to recover formatted BMP file from Windows and Mac OS X

What Is BMP File? BMP, often pronounced as “bump”, is a raster graphics image file format characterized by its universal support on all major operating systems dating back a long time ago, and by its larger file sizes that make

What Is JPG file format and How to recover JPEG file?

What Is JPG  file format and How to recover JPEG file? JPG (pronounced Jay Peg) is a file extension for one of the most popular image formats. According to data from W3Cook, a provider of accurate statistics on key web