What is CDR File Format

The CDR file extension refers to a file format developed by Corel Co. in 1989, which is used for vector graphic drawings. The file format was reengineered by Corel Co. and renamed Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) since Corel Draw 3.0.

CDR File Format

CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editor created by Corel Co. Vector graphics use vectors to represent images in computer graphics. The advantages of this technique include smaller file sizes, and the capacity to transform the drawing through rotations, translations, scaling, mirroring and other vector operations, without image degradation. Thus, they are ideal for graphics that need to be device-independent. On the downside, they cannot achieve the same photo realism as raster files.

CorelDRAW was designed by two software engineers: Michel Bouillon and Pat Beirne. Together, they created what was the first full color graphics editor that combined image and text. Since its release, this app has been updated through several versions. At present, its community of users is over 100 million strong.

Up to now, Corel Co. has not released much information about the structure of this file format or its successor the RIFF file format.

As CDR files cannot be opened by many apps, they are usually converted to other more popular formats, such as JPEG and others. This can be easily done with CorelDRAW. Although CorelDRAW is a Windows based app, Linux users can import CDR files with Inkscape.

Corel Co. has headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, and major offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Germany, Taiwan and Japan.

What is the Digital Signature of a CDR File

ISO 8859-1: RIFF

Hexadecimal: 52 49 46 46

How to Open CDR Files

Operating SystemProgram

How to Recover Deleted CDR Files

Nowadays we manage hundreds of files. Unintentionally deleting one of them is not uncommon. Fortunately, Disk Drill is there to recover CDR files in an easy manner.

Disk Drill is a data recovery app that works based on the fact that when you delete a file, you are actually removing a reference to the content. The data remains unmodified until overwritten by another file.

In order to recover your data, Disk Drill is equipped with intelligent algorithms that repair and rebuild your CDR files, based on the information still available on your digital device.

Disk Drill works on a variety of digital devices, such as internal and external hard drives, USB based drives, memory cards and many more.

The program has versions for Windows and Macs computers, and it can be obtained for free!

Disk Drill
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Steps for Recovering CDR Files Successfully

Once you have downloaded the installer, do the following to recover CDR files:

  1. Install Disk Drill on your computer by clicking on the installer’s icon. The program will guide you through a set of easy steps.
  2. Open Disk Drill by clicking on the app’s icon. The app will automatically detect all connected digital devices, and show the results in a list. Select the one that contains your CDR files.
  3. Narrow the search by selecting the CDR file extension from the “Preferences” menu. In this manner, Disk Drill will concentrate on performing a CDR recovery only, leaving other file types unattended.
  4. Start the CDR recovery. Disk Drill will scan the selected drive. This process can be paused or cancelled at any time. The working session can also be saved, and the scan continued later on, without any loss of the work already done. This feature is particularly handy when working with devices of large sizes, as in these cases, the CDR recovery may take several hours.
  5. Once the scan is completed, Disk Drill presents the results in the manner of a list. This list can be narrowed down by using the filters by date or size available from the app.
  6. Select the CDR file(s) that you need, and retrieve it (them) to a folder of your choice.
  7. End of the process. That is all what you need to do to recover CDR files!

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