How to Create a USB Boot Drive with Disk Drill

There are a number of reasons why you might need to create a USB boot drive for your Mac. Thankfully — with Disk Drill, the process is now much easier than you might expect. Disk Drill has a selection of powerful tools that help you create bootable USB drivers for your Mac, quickly and easily.

Boot Drive
How to Boot Mac from USB

If you need to create a bootable USB drive for your Mac OS X platform to try and recover or manage data — Disk Drill is the number one choice on the market.

MacOS hasn't shipped as a bootable disk for a number of years now. While more and more software solutions are moving to download-only, there are times when you need a physical copy. It's especially inconvenient when you need a running Mac to access the Mac store in order to download macOS. What do you do if your Mac crashed and becomes unbootable? That's when you might need a bootable USB drive. It makes fixing or reformatting your faulty system much, much easier.

Disk Drill's bootable drive facility will also help recover lost or hidden data on your Mac before you reinstall the OS. This is especially useful as most reinstallation techniques will lose important files as your system needs to be reformatted to work properly again.

#1 What are the most common reasons for needing to boot Mac from a USB?

  • When your system no longer boots.
  • When you need to recover lost files without installing any other apps.
  • You want to install Mac OS X on your system conveniently without downloading.
  • You want to keep a backup Mac OS X for emergencies.
  • Download Disk Drill

    Download Disk Drill

  • Drag to Applications Folder

    Drag to Applications Folder

  • Launch Disk Drill

    Launch Disk Drill


If you are looking for the solution for macOS 11.0 (Big Sur), please check out this article. The post will guide you through the process and will help you to recover your data safely and successfully.

#2 Why Disk Drill is the best option for creating a Mac USB boot drive

While there are other ways to create a USB boot drive for Mac, many of them are complicated and require quite a high level of computer knowledge. Thankfully, Disk Drill now makes the process easy. Here's how to do it:

  1. Download the latest version of Disk Drill and install it. If your Mac isn't working, install it on another Mac if you have access to one. It's a good idea to do this step as a precaution instead of when your computer is already broken, in case you don't have access to other machines.
  2. Insert a USB flash drive. You could also use an external hard drive.
  3. Click on "Create Boot Drive". You'll normally want to be using a Mac with one of the newer updates. If there is more than one system available you will get an option to select which one you want to copy.

#3 It's really that simple

What used to require a number of different applications or even knowledge of how to use your Mac's terminal, can now be done with a few simple clicks thanks to Disk Drill. You can then use your boot drive to reinstall Mac OS X on an affected system or to recover lost data from other systems.

#4 What other benefits does Disk Drill have?

  • It's free, safe and secure.
  • Bootable disk is created from your own Mac so you know it's legitimate.
  • Highly efficient boot disk suite.
  • A number of other disk related tasks and tools available.
  • Saves you from having to download a full Mac OS X installation.
  • It's fast and reliable.
  • Has a simple, user friendly interface that allows anyone to create a USB boot.

Disk Drill is a data management multi-tool

With all the data recovery, data backup, disk management and optimization features Disk Drill becomes your all-in-one stop to perform disk imaging and secure data recovery at any time. Disk Drill is a well-known product available for multiple platforms for years.

Take care of your important files now!

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