How to recover deleted Word & Excel document

If you accidentally click the wrong button or experience a power outage and Excel didn't create any backup copies of the files, you can be left without important documents and charts. So how to recover a deleted Excel document? There is a perfect answer to this question – Disk Drill for Windows – the top recovery solution for Excel files and more.
Disk Drill comes with the best data recovery mechanisms that work very well with NTFS, FAT32, EXT, ExFAT, HFS+ and other file systems. Recover Excel file on system disks, other computers, external devices, memory cards, USB flash drives. And here is the answer to 'How to recover deleted Word document & Excel file for Free?' – free Disk Drill Basic will run a scan to determine what is recoverable and restore up to 500 MB of data.

#1 When you need to recover Excel document

First off, download free Disk Drill and suspend the file system usage a little, because the more you work with the system, where you need to recover files, the more chances the deleted files get overwritten by new data. So we want to keep it quiet until we get back what we need. Disk Drill supports a great variety of file types. Not only can you recover deleted Excel file, but also your lost Word documents, videos, music or images.
All file types Disk Drill can recover
  • 1Download Disk Drill
  • 2Install it
  • 3Start Disk Drill for Windows

#2 Restore erased files

Launch Disk Drill and let it list all drives in your system. Select the drive you lost Excel file on. Click the "Recover" button to initiate the free scan. Excel file recovery
It usually takes a few minutes for the scan to complete, depending on the drive size. Disk Drill will automatically select the appropriate scanning methods depending on the type of drive you are working with.

#3 Select the Excel document you are recovering

Depending on how long ago the file was erased and how intensively the drive was used after that, the file may have a modified name that you won't recognize at once. However Disk Drill offers filters for easier recognition of the files being recovered. Recover word document

Recover deleted Excel file effortlessly by protecting it!

Of course the best way to recover Excel file is protecting it. And the best part – data protection with Recovery Vault is free. Doesn't matter if you have an FAT32, NTFS, or HFS+ systems, this simple yet super efficient algorithm works on any. It will keep track of your deleted files, mark them and store their meta-data invisibly for easy restoration.

#4 Recover deleted Excel file on Windows – done

After performing the scan, the recoverable files will be identified and in just a few clicks you can undelete them.
Highlight the files to be restored, choose the destination folder for them, and that's pretty much how you recover deleted Word & Excel document on Windows with Disk Drill. Recover deleted Excel file on Windows

Frequently Asked Questions

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To recover a deleted Word document, perform this procedure:

  1. Download, install and launch Disk Drill.
  2. Select the disk that contained the deleted Word document.
  3. Click Search for lost data to scan the disk for lost files.
  4. Review the documents that can be recovered and choose which to restore.
  5. Click Recover all and the app will retrieve the selected Word documents.

You can recover permanently deleted Word document without any cost by using Disk Drill data recovery software for Windows. The free version of the software allows you to recover up to 500 MB of data for free before upgrading. It is a great way to recover some data for free and examine the features of this excellent data recovery tool.

Yes. There are several ways that you can recover a lost Word document without software.

  1. Check the temporary file folder for unsaved Word documents.
  2. Use the Microsoft Office document recovery feature which opens after an unexpected crash of the Word application.
  3. Try using Word’s AutoRecover tool to restore a lost document.
  4. Recover your Word documents from previously created backup media.

To recover permanently deleted Excel files in Windows 10 follow these steps:

  1. Download, install and launch Disk Drill for Windows.
  2. Select the disk or partition that contained the deleted Excel files.
  3. Click Search for lost data to initiate the scanning algorithms.
  4. Preview the available files and select the ones you want to restore.
  5. Click Recover to retrieve the Excel files.

Yes, it is possible. Microsoft Office creates temporary copies of your files as you work in the application. These temporary files can be recovered if the app crashed before you can save your work. There is also an autorecover feature that will make copies of your files at set time intervals. You can set the interval to your desired value.

Recovering Excel document with the help of Deep Scan

Of course the situation where you just deleted the file and realized it right there is perfect. In those cases recovering Excel files is so much easier. But what if you didn't realize your file was gone until somewhat later and you don't know where to start. Deep Scan method is here to help! It'll dig deep through your hard drive byte-by-byte and use its knowledge of file signatures to reconstruct every little piece of file structure. This method takes longer time, but is totally worth the wait!

How to recover deleted Excel document

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  • Doug Mickan
    Doug Mickan
    I was so thankful to find Disk Drill. We did a video recording of our Christmas Concert of Praise that had been loaded to a thumb drive. I then moved it from the drive to my computer, deleted it off of the drive, and waited until later to edit and make it available to our church. When I got around to editing, I couldn’t find the file. I searched everywhere on my computer and thumb drive, but it was gone. I finally realized in my haste to create space on my computer for other video edits that I had deleted the video from my computer, and emptied the trash. I figured all was lost, but went ahead and searched online to figure out if there was a possibility to recover. I tried out Disk Drill and much to my surprise was able to find the deleted file on the thumb drive and restore the full video to my computer. I really can’t believe it, but am extremely thankful to have such a tool.
  • Are you looking for a software to help you recover data or files? Disk Drill for Windows analyzes your PC in order to rescue all those files you have eliminated, or that you have just lost. This versatile program is capable of restoring up to 200 types of files.

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