How to Backup Files on a Mac Disk

Disk Drill allows you to backup data on Mac OS X by creating a byte-to-byte disk image. This disk image (or DMG) is an exact copy of your hard drive, usually saved onto a separate external hard drive. Backing up your failing Mac hard drive — and running Mac data recovery from it — has never been easier. MacOS Big Sur Ready!
Sooner or later, all hard drives fail. Maybe opening files begins to take minutes instead of seconds. Maybe you even hear strange noises coming from inside your Mac. Maybe you are beginning to see strange messages about corrupted files.

Instead of shrugging off these warning signs, take action to backup data on Mac quickly. Because while it's still working, Disk Drill Mac data backup software can take an exact snapshot of the hard drive, preserve a copy of the data, and recover it later whenever necessary. Hard drive problems only get worse, not better, so the sooner you take this snapshot (also called a disk image, or DMG) of your hard drive, the more chances you have of preserving all of your files.

Disk Drill makes OS X backup quick and painless. Uniquely, Disk Drill includes every bit of data that is on the disk, even the areas marked as free space, which may contain missing deleted files. After, you can run data recovery with Disk Drill and restore missing files right from the backup disk image.

#1 Launch Disk Drill

To get started backing up your Mac and taking a snapshot with all of the contents of your hard drive, start Disk Drill. Click "Backup" option from the upper menu and select "Backup into DMG image" option. Read the instructions offered by Disk Drill and follow its prompts to create a byte-to-byte disk image of a drive.

First choose the drive or partition to backup and then set the location to save backup file. Click "Save" and after backup is created use Disk Drill's "Attach Disk Image" to mount the created DMG file.
  • 1Download Disk Drill
  • 2Drag to Applications Folder
  • 3Launch Disk Drill

#2 Connect an External Drive

So connect a sufficiently large external hard drive to your computer (CDs, DVDs and flash drives are generally not large enough to hold all of the information stored on today's hard drives). In the "Save" dialog box, click on the black arrow on the upper-right, next to the hard drive name. You will now see a list of folders and disks. On the left side of the dialog box, click on the name of the external hard drive that you just connected, then click the Save button.
If Disk Drill warns that the external hard drive does not have enough space, either free up space on the external drive by deleting files, or find another hard drive with more space. If there is sufficient space, Disk Drill begin backing up your Mac, making an exact copy of your hard drive on the external drive. This process is time-consuming, so sit back and relax while Disk Drill does the heavy lifting. Connect an External Drive

#3 Disk Image Backup for Mac

Once the copying process is complete, on your external drive you will have a large DMG file that has the name of your main hard drive. This Mac data backup DMG file is an exact copy of the data on your hard drive. Everything is included in this file, even live files and "empty" sectors that need data recovery in order to be read.

Don't wait till it's gone — protect now!

Now that you know how to backup files on Mac, consider a constant protection of any little changes of big importance with the help of Disk Drill's Guaranteed Recovery, Recovery Vault, and S.M.A.R.T. monitoring. These features ensure that all your data is kept safe and no little change is left unguarded.

#4 Recover Data from Your Failing Disk

Now you can recover files from the copy you just made. The DMG file is treated by the computer as if it is a "real," physical disk. To mount the disk, either double-click the DMG file icon in the Finder, or use the "Attach non-mountable disk image" option in Disk Drill to select the DMG file. Once the new disk shows up in Disk Drill, you can click the "Recover" button next to its name and start the recovery process.
Now you know how to backup data on your Mac. You can now relax knowing that even if your failing hard drive stops working completely, you still have an exact copy that will preserve your vital data. Download Disk Drill, the perfect backup software for Mac today. It's free! BTW, data recovery software for Windows creates perfect recoverable disk backups in ISO format. Recover Data from Your Failing Disk

Disk Drill is a thorough scanner

Use Deep Scan feature for those times when there is hardly any file structure left. Disk Drill will scan through the raw data on your hard drive no matter if it is FAT, or NTFS, or something else. It will work file fragments into a single structure and will look for the binary signature of the lost files. Once Disk Drill recognizes a sought for file signature, XLS, DOC, AVI, MP4, JPG, and other formats recovery goes quite fast.

Secure your important data now!

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  • Darcy Ryksen
    Darcy Ryksen
    I am completely flabbergasted at how your program was able to recovered deleted files. I was not able to recover all my pictures and videos but about 80% of them (which I am 100% happy for). Just for fun I even grabbed our old Camera SD card that is only 2GB. I was able to pull off like 10GB worth of high pixel pictures from years ago. I am confused on how this works, but it does!! I bought the premium and did it out of pleasure. Please go and tell your boss and co-workers you guys are super Clever. Thanks
    In addition to undeleting files, Disk Drill can find lost partitions, monitor the status of your hard drive, alert you if it is in danger of failing. It makes sense for everyone to get Disk Drill even if you don’t have lost files to save. Erica Marceau
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