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The goal of computers is to make our lives more efficient and put the world at our fingertips. So it is rather ironic that computer files, one of a system’s basic components, are so difficult to manage. We start with a clean system and so much hope for superior organization. We end up with too many files that we do not need and too many duplicates. As this happens, we not only lose our organization, we lose system performance and file space. You may end up paying for file space that you really do not need. Thanks to the CleverFiles Duplicate Remover, there is an efficient way to remove duplicates on your Mac and regain control and space.

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How do the duplicates happen? Well, when you are rushing to create a document or upload photos and videos, you may put haste ahead of organization (We all do it!). A simple duplication of a single file becomes a nightmare when it occurs over and over again. And it does.

#1 Cleaning Your Duplicate Files

Trying to remove duplicate files can be a tedious job if you try to do it on your own. Comparing files that you assume are pretty much the same but are not can be an issue. Locating duplicate files that are kept in different subdirectories is extremely difficult. And what if system files or dependent files are mislabeled and inadvertently destroyed? Why go it alone?

With CleverFiles Duplicate Remover, you do not have to. You can clean up your Mac files in an efficient manner. It can quickly scan through your files and find duplicates. The removal system is flexible, so that you can remove files in a way that works for you.

The Duplicate Remover allows you to set the parameters. On the screen will appear the list of directories to scan. You can choose to look in a single directory or a whole database. You can even look at your cloud locations.

#2 Removing and Protecting

Once the application has located duplicates, you will have the option of reviewing the files before they are deleted. You can choose how you would like the files deleted: either manually or automatic. Chances are, you will find files that you did not even know you had duplicates of. When it is time for removal only the files that you want to have removed will be removed.

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