Odysseas Kourafalos has been writing about computers and technology for over two decades. He specializes in software and has produced thousands of articles, from tutorials on Linux to mini-books about gaming console modifications.

His journey in tech began with a Commodore 64, which he almost immediately short-circuited attempting "to cheat in a game". It was soon replaced by a Commodore 128, which in time gave way to an Amiga. When the era of Home Computing came to an end, he moved - with the times - to PCs.

He's lost vast amounts of data on MS-DOS, then Windows, as well as various Linux distributions. "Data" stored on media ranging from ancient 5.25'' floppies to modern SSDs. Since joining us, he's losing his data on purpose.

His work has been published on major Greek magazines, like Computer For All and PC World, popular tech sites - among which Make Tech Easier and Make Use Of, as well as countless blogs, like CyberPunks and VapoSearch.

He loves gaming, is a huge movie buff, and identifies as a true geek.