David Morelo is a professional content writer in the technology niche, covering everything from consumer products to emerging technologies and their cross-industry application.

His interest in technology started at an early age and has only grown stronger over the years. The only thing David enjoys more than learning about new digital innovations is helping others make the most
out of them, which he has been doing full-time for over five years.

David’s guides, reviews, and feature articles have been published by some of the most respected techтmagazines, reaching audiences across the world. His texts also adorn the websites of many large players
in the technology sector, captivating their visitors with their clarity.

As a dedicated member of the CleverFiles team, David applies his knowledge, experience, and writing skills to break down complex data recovery topics into easily digestible chunks that even inexperienced
users can follow without ever feeling lost.

When not sitting behind a computer and writing, David enjoys spending quality time with his daughter and wife, exploring the world on his bike, and making memories with friends.