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Disk Drill is an ideal tool for Macintosh data recovery. No other file recovery software for Mac OS X is as simple and user-friendly as this one. No matter what caused your data loss — corrupted data, mistaken deletion, unintended formatting — we can help you get it back.

File Recovery From Almost Any Storage Device

If you can normally connect a device to your Macintosh and view its contents, then Disk Drill can scan it. Even if you're having difficulty retrieving files from your external device or hard drive, our free Macintosh data recovery software may still be able to recover your files. We can help with situations where you have:

  • Erased pictures from your camera
  • Erased movies from your camcorder
  • Deleted files from an external hard drive
  • Lost a partition on your Mac's internal hard drive
  • Deleted songs from an MP3 player
  • Trashed documents from a thumb drive
  • Lost data on a memory card (SD Card, Flash card, XD Card, etc.)

Recovery For Almost All File Systems and Types

Disk Drill has many powerful recovery techniques. Macintosh file recovery has never been so complete. Disk Drill can scan the following file systems: HFS, HFS+, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, EXT3, EXT4. What's more, the Deep Scan technique can scan drives with ANY file system — even the ones with missing or corrupted file systems.

The number of file types that Disk Drill can recover is equally impressive. The Undelete Protected Data and Quick Scan methods can recover ANY file type. However, these methods aren't available for every situation. Deep Scan can be used in all situations and can recognize and recover hundreds of file types, including:

  • Picture files like JPG, PNG and TIFF
  • Graphic design files like AI, PSD and INDD
  • RAW files for cameras like CR2, NEF and PEF
  • Movie files like AVI, DV and MP4
  • Song files like AIF, MP3 and WAV
  • Document files like DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX
  • View the complete list of file types...

Free Scanning and Previewing of Files

One of the best things about Disk Drill is that there is no need to make a purchase until you have confirmed that your Macintosh hard drive recovery can be completed successfully. All you need to scan and preview your files is the free Disk Drill Basic.
When you are positive that it can recover your deleted Macintosh files, you can upgrade easily to Disk Drill PRO. Furthermore, if Disk Drill Basic is installed before files were lost, several of the data protection features offered by Disk Drill allow free Macintosh data recovery! Free Scanning and Previewing of Files

Prevent Your Data From Being Lost

With Disk Drill's standout protection features you'll never have to worry about losing any files on your Mac OS X. Activate them to prevent data loss: Recovery Vault — Records the metadata so that files can easily be restored complete with their names and locations. Guaranteed Recovery — Saves invisible copies of any files you move to Trash and allows you to recover deleted Macintosh files whenever needed. S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring — Closely monitors your hard drive for any signs of failing.

Disk Drill is a thorough scanner

Deep Scan feature is a saver for those cases when there is hardly any file structure left. It doesn't matter whether your hard drive is NTFS, FAT, or else — Disk Drill combs through the raw data working file fragments into a single structure. It looks for a binary signature of lost files and once a signature is recognized recovering process goes even faster.

Protect your files now! Disk Drill is the best software for Macintosh hard drive recovery. Download the free version now!

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  • Sarah
    Amazing software for cleaning up your macbook! I have been searching for a free software to help me sweep my laptop, and have failed to find a reliable one until I came across Disk Drill. It's incredibly user-friendly. This software helped me clear SO much of my laptop storage. Previously, I've tried taking my macbook to the Apple Store and no employee was able to help me clear my 'Other' storage properly. Definitely recommend Disk Drill!!!
    Easy to use Mac OS X utility that provides support for recovering lost data, enables you to backup failing disks, can monitor S.M.A.R.T. attributes, and more.
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