Recovering Permanently Deleted Files


All modern operating systems geared toward general computing come with a handy safety net for your files. Instead of immediately deleting them with no option how to get them back, they hide them inside a place called Recycle Bin or Trash, which is, in fact, just another folder.

Because of that, the files still take up space on your hard drive and can be easily restored just by dragging and dropping them anywhere you want. Most computer users tend to ignore this digital junk pile until they need extra storage space for pictures, videos, documents, or applications.

Recovering Permanently Deleted Files

When they do decide to get rid of the junk, they often do so without giving it a whole lot of thought. Unsurprisingly, a person often manages to permanently delete an important file that got thrown onto the junk pile by mistake. Both Windows and Mac OS X offer native file restoration methods, but they are rather clumsy, often causing more mess than they solve.

In the case of Windows, one must use a System Restore Point, which is a native feature of Windows that reverts the state of system files, installed applications, registry, and system settings. If you want to get back only one document, reverting the state of your computer by several days is like rebuilding the entire foundation of a house just because want the walls painted in a different color. Mac OS X has its Time Machine backup feature, which is considerably more elegant but needs to be set up first. Forget to do so, and you are out of luck unless you use a third-party data recovery software solution.

Real-Life Cyber Forensics

All fans of modern police crime dramas know that it takes an ingenious perpetrator to hide all digital traces of his or her crime properly. Most real and TV criminals have no idea that when they choose to delete files on their computers permanently, those files can still be easily restored with a data recovery software program.

File recovery solutions you see on TV tend to have lots of flashy graphics, scrolling lines of geeky output text, and many other features that make them interesting to look at but completely unusable. Their real-life counterparts, such as Disk Drill, focus on ease of use and needs of a wide range of users, including students, business professionals, large corporations, and government agencies.

Using Disk Drill, you can restore any permanently deleted file on Windows or Mac OS X desktop computer or laptop simply by selecting the storage medium on which the file was located on and clicking on the Restore button. In a moment, Disk Drill will find all deleted files and let you choose which of them you would like to restore. In doing so, Disk Drill eliminates the need to have an automatic backup tool running in the background, and it saves you the hassle of restoring your entire operating system to an earlier state.

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