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Data loss, unfortunately, goes hand-in-hand with all modern data storage devices. Even modern SSDs are not immortal. Take, for example, the 750 GB version of Crucial MX300. The manufacturer rates it at 220TBW, which means that the drive should be able to write 220 TB of data. Given that the average laptop hard drive has just 256 GB of storage space, more than two hundred terabytes may seem like a lot. But many researchers, business professionals, government agencies, and hardcore power-users write and read hundreds of GBs every single day. In other words, even a high-end SSD is expected to fail after just a few years of use, when put through its paces.

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Since data loss is just a matter of time and bad luck, it pays off to have a good file recovery program ready for when the crisis — to put it politely — hits the fan. But how do you recognize a good software program for data recovery? First of all, it must deliver results. Even casual computer users deal with dozens of different file formats, and professionals often count them in hundreds. A simple data recovery tool that works with JPEGs, but not PNG images is useless.

Similarly, your data restoration program must be able to dig a layer below what your operating system can see. So many data recovery apps and tools just go through the content of your Recycle Bin or Trash, completely failing to see anything that’s not there. On the other hand, an excellent recovery program will look for familiar strings of bits and use them to recover images, music and video files, or documents even after their permanent deletion.

Unfortunately, many feature-packed software solutions for data recovery are designed by developers for developers. They are difficult to use, force users to dig through layers of pop-up menus, and make it very easy to mess things up, ruining your chances of ever getting your files back and possibly even making things worse than they were originally.

In other words, we need a program that’s capable, supports multiple file formats, is easy to use, and has good support. With these criteria in mind, Disk Drill by CleverFiles stands out as the best data recovery solution for macOS and Windows. The latest Mac version Disk Drill 3, supports iPhone and Android file recovery, allowing you to restore files from your mobile devices.

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“Our goal has always been maximizing the recovery chances by implementing the top-notch intelligent algorithms written by the best industry experts into a well-tested simple user interface, so that anyone could recover their files after an accidental loss”, explains the philosophy behind the program Terry Tucker, the CEO of CleverFiles, in the company’s press release.

Their good software solution for data recovery has helped countless satisfied customers get their files back with just one click of a button. Disk Drill turns an otherwise daunting, unapproachable task into a piece of cake.

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