Disk Drill, our ridiculously popular data recovery app for Mac, is updated to version 3.3 today. And this upgrade is MASSIVE. Here’s why…

Disk Drill version 3.3

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This is what we are most proud of:

  •  iOS Data Recovery  iOS 11 full support
  •  New  create bootable macOS installation drives
  •  APFS  Deep Scan now supports APFS partitions
  •  ExFAT  improved Deep Scanning of ExFAT partitions
  •  Guides  Disk Drill will now recommend to scan the entire disk if only a partition has been scanned to improve the overall recovery success

Here’s what our data recovery gurus were working on since the last update:

  •  Scan Results  thumbnail generation now has a progress bar in Icons views
  •  Improved  no more skipped files within AFC recovery for iOS
  •  Improved  Disk Drill’s window caption has better explanation of which activity is taking place at the moment
  •  Improved  Recovery Vault can now be properly activated on disks with 4K sector size
  •  Improved  disk remounting into read-only state before recovery start
  •  Improved  marking of read-only drives in disk lists in all Disk Drill’s modules
  •  “Ridiculous Size” bug  additional corrections in properly reading object sizes and physical locations within HFS+ Catalog Rebuild
  •  Fixed  a bunch of crashes on exiting the app after successful recovery
  •  Fixed  Deep Scan could be canceled by pressing the Pause option
  •  Fixed  random crash on finishing iOS recovery
  •  Improved  retina-ready visual elements

They also added a bunch of new file formats into Deep Scan:

  • MBOX – Native archive format of email clients such as Unix mail, Thunderbird, and many others, MSF files are now also found as MBOX
  • HEIC – High Efficiency Image File Format, iOS 11 analog of JPEG
  • OLK15MESSAGE – Microsoft Outlook for Mac message containers
  • FMP12 – FileMaker Pro 12
  • IIQ – Phase One RAW Images
  • NOTEBOOK – SMART Notebook 16.x
  • ZRV – Philips Voice Traver

We are getting ready to macOS 10.13 High Sierra:

  •  Advanced tools  Bootable drives for data recovery now support macOS 10.13 (including APFS)
  •  Disk support  improved startup, bootcamp, internal disks enumeration
  •  Fixed  blinking gear icon in the disk list
  •  Fixed  infinite refresh of thumbnails in scanning results
  •  Fixed  random crash on MacBook wake up if it goes to sleep while active scanning
  •  Stability  Preferences and other internal modules are now active
  •  Disk health  improved S.M.A.R.T. support
  •  Minor  corrected calculation of free disk space

Finishing touches:

  • Fixed keyboard input when booted from Disk Drill’s created data recovery drive
  •  Clean Up mode  improved scanning of of network drives
  •  Clean Up mode  visual improvements in Preferences

☢️  macOS High Sierra (10.13) is not officially released yet and is only available as a beta/preview version. There are many unpolished issues in the new release of the Apple’s operating system. That said, there might be more bugs in Disk Drill related to it. We welcome your feedback and are doing our best to get our app ready to the new Apple’s platform asap.

Freshly compiled in our lab — Download Disk Drill 3.3.846

Download Disk Drill data recovery app Download now

.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team