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A busy month leads to another busy month and finally to the new release of Disk Drill for Mac. We are fixing and making our product better with every new feature request we are getting from our user community, as well as while messing around with macOS betas and all the new hardware becoming available. There are some changes in Disk Drill for Mac that we want you to know more about, and we’ll be releasing a few explanatory videos some time soon.

One of our QA guys just shared this amazing screen of one of hundreds of his stress tests that can literally flood you with error messages… oh, sorry, I meant to say, not any more.

Disk Drill for Mac

Meanwhile, here’s what we’ve been working on in Disk Drill 3.2:

  • New Redesigned and significantly improved iOS data recovery engine and listing of recoverable items
  • New Labelled files: MP3, EMLX, TIFF, XLSX, DOC/DOCX, RTF
  • Critical Fixes Creating boot drives for recovery on macOS 10.12.x, including recent betas
  • Improved Deep Scan M4B audiobooks, DV and MXF videos, FLAC lossless audio
  • Improved Clean Up mode updated with multiple fixes and enhancements
  • Improved Duplicate Finder module gets a boost with hundreds of internal improvements
  • Improved Sorting and grouping of the found items
  • Improved Managing and copying recoverable items from the mounted virtual drive
  • Stability fixes Deep Scan on ExFAT partitions
  • and more.

Your upgrade is ready! Download Disk Drill 3.2.831 now.

Download Disk Drill data recovery app Download now

Our kudos on the Father’s Day !

.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team