November 3, 2010
Contact: JR Belden
Company: CleverFiles


November 3, 2010: Disk Drill update is officially launched by CleverFiles. Disk Drill 1.0.57 is publicly available at the company’s website, and the automatic update notifications are being sent out to all users.

After being named the 6th out of “5 essential utilities for any Mac user” by Computerworld in late October, the team of CleverFiles almost immediately releases the new version of its mainstream software solution for data recovery in Mac OS, Disk Drill 1.0.57. This update adds a convenient uninstaller, features several important GUI enhancements, greatly improves data scanning speed and fixes some flaws in previous releases.

“Even a novice like me can understand this program.  I intentionally deleted a file, restarted computer, and easily recovered the file.  EXCELLENT & SIMPLE to understand program.  Your efforts are much appreciated” — says Ken Von Thaden, one of the Disk Drill Mac users. And he is 100% correct since the usability issues are those of the highest importance to the developer. Other independent reviewers also highlighted unprecedented simplicity of using Disk Drill, which is quite unusual for data recovery software that has always been considered targeted at IT-experts only.

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Disk Drill 1.0.57 introduces several new features in the way data recovery is handled when you are already able to preview your files after scanning. Also, now you can add folders to Recovery Vault more conveniently with the possibility to multi-select them. That’s of course only pertinent if you decided to change the way Recovery Vault is configured by default. However, it turns out that many Mac users prefer to be confident about their data not only in user folders.

Recovery Vault is still one of the best features of Disk Drill, and many more users get accustomed to it. The latest update of Disk Drill also addressed several issues related to this data protection feature, and has them successfully fixed. One of the CleverFiles’ Forum participants points out: “Recovery Vault does improve the chances of recovery even further as JR says. I have tried various tests using Recovery Vault and not using it. My personal recommendation is to ensure that you are using it”. However, even in cases when Recovery Vault was not enabled in your system, Disk Drill does pretty a good job recovering from FAT, NTFS and other media.

The next update of Disk Drill may be related to file signatures, which are the main criteria for Deep Scan data recovery method. To stay updated, make sure you a frequent visitor of CleverFiles’ Knowledgebase or just add their feed to your RSS reader.

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Disk Drill is compatible with any PPC or Intel Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 or newer and is 64-bit ready.
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