October 23, 2010
Contact: JR Belden
Company: CleverFiles


October 23, 2010: CleverFiles updates their new data recovery software for Mac OS, Disk Drill. Within one month the software developer was able to achieve several very important goals and milestones.

The first one was to polish Disk Drill first beta and improve internal mechanisms to better solve data recovery tasks. The new release features several very important fixes and enhancements that help you recover your data faster, more effectively, with much better results. Specifically, these changes were applied to Recovery Vault, the brand-new technology developed by CleverFiles to improve data recovery from HFS/HFS+ Mac file systems. Now Disk Drill has better understanding with Mac’s feature to empty trash securely. Version 1.0.55 correctly detects USB media like mobile phones and old memory cards; and boasts many other GUI and low-core updates.

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The second milestone reached relates to the greatest user feedback ever expected by the CleverFiles team. High-rated reviews are posted by many Mac editors, small and large user communities, blogs and websites.

“Attempted a recovery of a deleted file with your product. Quick and complete. Kudos!!!” – says J. Pruss at the company’s blog.

Another user posts a great usage scenario at the official public forum:

“This is a fantastic program. I was out from 2am to 5am last night shooting a grape harvest, and when I got home discovered no files were visible on the 16 GB card I had been shooting on. I looked for a recovery program for OS X — the first I tried recovered the files, but the JPGs weren’t viewable; the second found them and I could see thumbnails, but then it wanted $150 to register it. Then I found this! It worked without a hitch (and much, much faster than either of the other two I used), and now I have all my files again”.

Finally, CleverFiles was able to build a strong roadmap for the final stable release. The team concentrates not only on Disk Drill’s recovery speed and stability, but also considers every feature requested and is planning to significantly improve already-neat user interface, Recovery Vault’s integration with Mac OS, recovery from memory cards running older FAT16 file system, raw images recovery, and support for many newly requested file formats within deep scanning.

While Disk Drill is in beta state, it’s free for everyone. And the copies of Disk Drill downloaded during this phase will stay totally free forever.

Disk Drill is compatible with any PPC or Intel Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 or newer and is 64-bit ready.

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