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Several days ago Disk Drill was reviewed by a well-known blog about Mac apps. We got the score of 9/10, and are extremely thankful to Simon Slangen for this awesome dig in the features of our Mac data recovery software. He managed to explain the differences of scanning methods, highlighted many technical aspects of files’ recovery in Mac OS and Windows, and made several awesome conclusions on functionality and user-friendliness of Disk Drill. Here are a few quotes:

You throw away an old folder without checking its contents, or prematurely decide you won’t be needing a certain file anymore. That’s why you should consider using an application like Disk Drill; to protect you against yourself and the fancies of technology.

Recovery Vault, Disk Drill’s second and flagship feature, keeps track of what files are deleted when, and which hard drive sectors they previously occupied. This makes an eventual recovery faster and more likely to succeed.

Butter-fingered as I am, I’ve seen my fair share of file recovery applications. They tend to bore you with facts and figures, and a lot of technical data that means absolutely nothing to you.

If you’re lucky, you eventually hit yourself over the head with the right file. Disk Drill shows a different way, befitting for a Mac. But for all its simplicity and casual feel, Disk Drill is still a remarkably powerful application.

With Undelete using Recovery Vault, Quick Scan and Deep Scan, Disk Drill has all file systems covered extensively. Recovery Vault, Disk Drill’s flagship feature, takes care of an important deficiency in Apple’s HFS and HFS+ file systems, hugely facilitating file recovery on Mac OS X in general.

.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team