iOS For Beginners

iOS is an operating system for mobile devices created and developed by Apple Inc. for its hardware. Originally launched in 2007 for the iPhone, Apple Inc. extended it to other Apple devices. At present it is the operating system for the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod touch. The latest iOS version is iOS 10.0.1, released on September 3, 2016.

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What Is iOS

As of June 2016, by sales, it is the second most popular operating system after Android, and there has been more than 130 million apps for iOS downloads.

Most apps have been developed in Objective C. However in 2014 Apple released a new language named Swift, which may replace Objective C in the future. Originally proprietary, Swift is now open source under Apache license since version 2.2.

A Brief History Of iOS’ Name

Steve Jobs released the new operating system for the iPhone in 2007. He called it “iPhone runs on OS X”, even though it was a variant of the Mac OS. His idea was that the iPhone should rely on web apps that behave like native apps.

In 2008 Apple renamed it as iPhone OS. Later in 2011, Apple rebranded it as iOS, to reflect the fact that it was used not only on cell phones but in other mobile devices as well. So, what does iOS stand for? i – indicates Apple line of products, and OS – stands for operating system.

iOS Versions

Main versions are released annually. The latest iOS version is iOS 10.0.1, and it was released on September 3, 2016.

Previous versions are still in the market. Their market share as of September 12, 2016, and based on Apple Stores sales is: iOS 9 – 88%, iOS 8 – 9%, iOS-7, iOS 7.1, iOS 6 and earlier 3%.

Each version contributed towards iOS updates. For example iOS-7 introduced a new multitasking feature, which enables apps to do background updates. Apple iOS 8 introduced widgets to manage notifications, and iOS 9 introduced San Francisco, a new font designed for maximum legibility in mobile devices. The latest iOS version 10 introduced a split in the Control Center into 3 pages, one for general settings, one for audio control, and one for Home Kit appliances control.

iOS Architecture

The iOS is based on the XNU Kernel of Darwin. iOS 6 uses version 16, iOS-7 and Apple iOS 8 use version 8, iOS 9 uses version 15, and the latest iOS version 10 is based on Darwin 16.

iOS 10 is divided into four layers: Core OS, Core Services, Media, and Cocoa Touch Layer. In total, it requires 1.8 GB of memory.

iOS Developer Program

The iOS Developer Program is a system whereby third-party developers can create apps for iOS and test them by using Apple’s Software Development Kit (SDK), by paying an annual fee of US $ 99. Thus, for example, through this program developers can put their apps for iOS 8 download in the Apple Store.

This program has been available since 2008, after the release of the SDK on March 8, 2008. The SDK is a platform for iPhone and iPod touch development. It includes an iPhone simulator.

Later, on July 20, 2011, Apple released Xcode on its Mac Apps Store. The Xcode is free for all OS X Lion users. It is a platform for iOS and OS X development. However, to test the application, the developers must still pay an iPhone Developer fee or a Mac Development Program fee, both at US $ 99.00 each.

By paying the fee, developers can sell their apps through the Apple Store, or offer the apps for free. Developers are allowed to set the price, with Apple keeping 30% of the sale.

Data Recovery On iOS

It is quite common to lose files unintentionally. The reasons can vary: an unintended deletion, a system failure, a software update, and many more. To make things worse, sometimes there is no backup available.

data recovery on ios

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