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In some rare cases Deep Scan may result in no files found for recovery. This may have a number of reasons, and may bring your attention to one of the following solutions and next steps.

Why Deep Scan may result in no files found for recovery:

  1. Are you sure there were any items of known file types really deleted on the disk you are recovering from?
  2. How long ago has the deletion occurred? Was this media in use after the deletion?
  3. Are you using FileVault or any other encryption/compression software on the disk you scanned and did not decrypt the drive with the security keys?
  4. Was the data deleted using low-level formatting (zero out) of the drive/partition you deep-scanned?
  5. Have you defragmented the disk before recovery?
  6. Was the data you are searching for emptied from the Trash securely?
  7. Was there a third-party data shredding software used?

If none of the above questions are answered Yes:

  1. Try other scanning methods if any are available in Disk Drill. If you are recovering from FAT or NTFS media, try Quick Scan.
  2. Let us know which files exactly you are searching for. We’ll do our best to add the support of this file type, if it’s not yet on the list.
.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team