September 30, 2010
Contact: JR Belden
Company: CleverFiles


September 30, 2010: CleverFiles software, an independent software developer from Texas, released their first public version of Disk Drill, the totally new data recovery software for Mac. Basically, Disk Drill is a standalone tool for users of all levels that helps recover lost data, deleted files, and also strives to prevent unexpected data loss with the help of its own Recovery Vault technology.

Disk Drill is currently in beta-testing phase; its public beta release 1.0.52 has been uploaded to on September 25th, 2010. Everyone’s welcome to download and start protecting and recovering their data since Disk Drill beta is completely free, and has absolutely no functioning time limit staying free forever. CleverFiles explains at their blog that the upgrade to final stable release will be absolutely optional.

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CleverFiles Disk Drill offers several data recovery methods: deep scan, quick scan and recovery from its own Vault. Disk Drill supports all file systems and will attempt to recover your data even from not partitioned media including hard disks or memory cards with corrupted file system, etc. Disk Drill knows a lot of most popular formats and their binary signatures so it can find deleted data and recover it even when there’s only physical (raw, binary) access to your drive. You can easily recover your lost photos, music, documents, archives, videos and other data with the new software by CleverFiles. Disk Drill has been designed natively for Mac OS, it has a clean Mac-style wizard-like user interface, is very easy to use and features a very detailed explanation of its functionality and data recovery steps in a handy built-in tutorial.

Disk Drill also protects your data from unexpected damage by implementing its own Recovery Vault technology which monitors your file activity in the background and solves the problem of effective data recovery from HFS/HFS+ Mac file system. It also supports protecting FAT partitions, but the real power is revealed when you recover data from Mac drives. It’s widely known that when a file is deleted in Mac OS from HFS/HFS+ partition, all its details are completely erased, and even if you manage to recover the file in a binary mode, its name, location and other properties are completely lost. When recovering many files in binary mode you get the long list of randomly named items, and it’s hard to tell where the needed data actually is. However, if your disk was protected with Recovery Vault by CleverFiles, this is no longer a problem! In just a few minutes (or even seconds) Recovery Vault will show you which files were deleted preserving all their properties, names, locations. And you are ready for guaranteed recovery. With Recovery Vault you are protected from hard disk problems, unexpected data loss due to crashes, erroneous re-partitioning, etc. More than that, Recovery Vault has absolutely no impact on your Mac’s speed, as it was designed specifically to work in the way to not distract a user from his regular computer-related activities.

Remember, that Disk Drill is free while it is in beta. CleverFiles will officially announce the end of the free campaign with the release of Disk Drill final some time in future. No final release date has been specified yet.

Free fully-functional copy of Disk Drill can be downloaded directly here:

Disk Drill is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 or newer and is 64-bit ready.

For technical support, please, write to

.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team