Mac OS X iPod Data Recovery

If you need to recover iPod data because you've lost music or videos, you've come to the right place. With Disk Drill, iPod data recovery for the Mac is a breeze. Whether your iPod won't mount, or you've overwritten files by mistake, we can help.

It's easy to forget that every man-made device - even one as nifty as the Apple iPod - has its faults. One day it's working fine. The next, it won't boot up without a full system restore. Or perhaps a friend mistakenly synchronizes your iPod with his computer. A mere two clicks of the mouse is all it takes to lose your precious music and settings.

Making regular back-ups is essential (so you are told) but you didn't make them, and now you're here. Luckily it's not as hopeless as it might seem. Using Disk Drill, iPod data recovery software for Mac OS X, it's remarkably easy to recover songs and videos that have been recently deleted. Read on for a quick overview. For detailed tutorials, see How to Install Disk Drill and How to Recover Lost Files with Disk Drill Basic in the Knowledgebase.

P.S. IMPORTANT: iOS devices are not supported yet. Apple doesn't allow mounting the iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad as a disk, thus preventing the level of access Disk Drill needs to recover deleted files from these devices. So, at this time you can only recover iPod data from the iPod Classic, Nano, Shuffle or Mini.

#1 Download and Install Disk Drill

Get the latest free release of Disk Drill Basic from the CleverFiles website and install it on your Mac OS X computer. Simply drag the application from the downloaded DMG to your Applications folder. Optionally, drag the Disk Drill icon to your Dock as well for easy access. Then ipod data recovery on your Mac will be ready to start.

#2 Select Your iPod in the Drive Overview

Connect your iPod to your computer. Be sure that you have "Manually manage music and videos" checked in iTunes. Upon launching Disk Drill, you'll be presented with a list of all detectable storage media. Your iPod should be automatically recognized. Click on the disk name of your iPod.

#3 Scan iPod to Recover Deleted Files

For iPod data recovery, click the Recover button next to your iPod disk name. A progress bar will show while Disk Drill scavenges your iPod for any salvageable files. Remember that the chances of a full recovery decrease over time and with active use of your iPod, so recover your deleted files as quickly as possible.

#4 Recover iPod Preference Files

After scanning your iPod, Disk Drill will show you a list of files that might still be recovered. The iPod uses a slightly peculiar data structure, but your coveted files are easy to find if you know where to look. For preference files and metadata, you generally have to look in iPod_Control > iTunes > iTunes Library.itlp, although the exact folder path may differ slightly depending on your iPod model.

#5 Recover Music from the iPod

Your music will be located in iPod_Control > Music. You can try to recover the entire Music folder, or pick out individual MP3s. Note that your music artwork is stored in yet another folder, at iPod_Control > Artwork.

#6 Recover Video from the iPod

Video files are stored separately, in iPod_Control > DCIM and various subdirectories. Video files may not be previewed if QuickLook is missing a plugin for the correct codec, but you can always guess the codes your iPod was using and download the needed plugin to preview the videos you are going to recover.

#7 Preview and Complete iPod Recovery

Click the "eye" icon next to each file name to preview it. You'll need to preview each song or video in its entirety to be sure that it is recoverable. After you've selected the files and folders on your iPod that you wish to restore, click the Recover button. You will be directed to upgrade to Disk Drill PRO in order to recover the iPod data, if you haven't already. Once the upgrade is complete, you can finish the process of iPod data recovery on your Mac.

So what are you waiting for? Download Disk Drill, the best iPod data recovery software, for free today!

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Overall, I’m happy to recommend Disk Drill to Mac users. There were no bugs during testing and the software does exactly what it says, and does it well. I’m happy to recommend Disk Drill to Mac users. It is designed for the majority of Mac users. -