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Not for commercial use

Disk Drill Basic introduces the awesome Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery technologies. Disk Drill Basic is a personal tool and cannot be used in business environments. Please consider other options if you are interested in commercial licensing.

Personal use only

Disk Drill PRO lets you protect and recover your own data only. It is not allowed to use Disk Drill PRO to recover data for your friends, clients, etc. It can be installed on Macs that you own personally, and cannot be used for money-making purposes. You can scan, protect and recover only hard drives, memory cards and other media you are the owner of. If you are a freelancer, or the only owner of your Mac, where Disk Drill PRO will be installed ON, you are definitely free to buy the PRO Edition even if this Mac is used for business.

Commercial use allowed

Yes, you can use Disk Drill Expert with ANY Macs. It means that you can protect and recover data on your personally owned Macs, the Macs of your household, and any Mac of your client or clients. However, this license can only be utilized by the person it is registered to.

The right choice for business

If data recovery or providing various services for Mac users is your business, Disk Drill Enterprise is the right choice for you. This license can be used by any employee of your company, for any purposes including data recovery for your clients. With every purchase of Disk Drill Enterprise we grant you unlimited commercial rights to use Disk Drill for your business needs inside and outside of your company. While you are not allowed to resell or share your license with your clients or employees of other companies, we'll gladly provide you with partner discounts, so you could earn on selling Disk Drill PRO or Expert to them. Just contact us for more info.

Preventive protection

Disk Drill offers two unique methods of preventive protection from accidental data loss: Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery. Both are completely free to all users of Disk Drill.

Automated monitoring

Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) is included in all editions of Disk Drill. This lets you easily stay informed of the actual status of your hard disks.

Backup failing partitions

If the hard drive you are recovering from is failing, producing ticking sounds or excessive noise, you can quickly copy it byte-to-byte in a Disk Image. Later on you just need to mount it in your Mac and recover your lost data directly from this image as if you are recovering from the drive which might not live up till the end of a Deep Scan for instance.

Scanning & recovery

Disk Drill features several top-notch scanning and recovery methods to locate all your lost files: Undelete Protected Data (free), Quick and Deep Scan, Lost Partition Search and HFS+ Catalog File Rebuild. You can preview the results of any scanning method even in Disk Drill Basic.

Dedicated to quality

All support requests received from our users are prioritized according to the license purchased. Keep in mind that even using Disk Drill BASIC you are a very welcome user, and we'll gladly provide any help required, however, there might be someone with a paid license in front of you at the moment.

Disk Drill as a forensic tool

With advanced forensic features of Disk Drill, you can easily verify where the data was found on the disk exactly. All the core details about physical sectors and logical sizes are captured and can be exported into Digital Forensics XML format.


Every license of Disk Drill PRO, Expert or Enterprise is registered into the name of the persona or company who's purchasing it. The number of licensed users specifies the number of people who can use one paid license.


This licensing option explains which rights you are granted when buying PRO, Expert or Enterprise edition of Disk Drill. Not all licenses allow commercial use of our software.

Terms of Delivery

Once you upgrade to Disk Drill PRO, Expert or Enterprise, we send you the license code to unlock your Free edition of Disk Drill and download instructions immediately. This code has to be entered into the Free edition of Disk Drill, if you enter it correctly, your copy of Disk Drill will be upgraded immediately. Note, that Internet connection is not required for registration, and there are no backdoors in Disk Drill that will send any of your personal information elsewhere.

Payment options

You can buy Disk Drill using almost any of existing payment methods. Choose the most convenient one for you: all major Credit Cards (or Debit Cards), PayPal, wire transfer, checks, Purchase Orders, mail orders, Moneybookers, phone and fax orders. Your convenience and safety are our main priority. All orders are processed by cleverbridge Inc., our online reseller.

Upgrade Policy

Every purchase of Disk Drill PRO, Expert or Enterprise includes all minor upgrades within one major version. It means that if you are purchasing Disk Drill 2.0, or 2.1, you will automatically get all minor upgrades for free (2.3, 2.4, 2.5.1, etc). Major upgrades can be purchased at a guaranteed discount of 50% (available to registered users only) and are totally optional.

Terms of Sale

If you upgrade your free edition of Disk Drill to Disk Drill PRO, Expert or Enterprise, your purchase is considered final, and there can be no refunds issued. Your decision to upgrade is assumed to be conscious and considered. If you purchase the upgrade, we assume you already tried the free edition of Disk Drill and were completely satisfied with the results you got. Remember that Free edition of Disk Drill lets you totally evaluate the recovery results by previewing the files after scanning. Here's why...

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