The importance of society’s electronically stored digital data cannot be overstated. The convenience and flexibility of digital data come with new responsibilities that cannot be ignored. Managing the incredible amount of data that we generate and taking adequate steps to protect it requires the use of sophisticated software applications and methods.

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CleverFiles is heavily invested in the creation of tools that allow the average computer user to manage and protect their valuable digital assets.

Disk Drill data recovery software is designed to help you manage the complexity inherent in digital storage, protect your digital resources, and recover from unexpected data loss scenarios.

Our solution can be used by investigators as a tool for conducting forensic exploration of erased, damaged or formatted storage devices.

As part of our commitment to furthering the science of data protection and management, we have instituted a college scholarship destined to be awarded to a college student.

We are looking for a student who demonstrates an interest in the fields of data protection and management.

Ideally, the candidate will possess some innovative ideas related to these critical aspects of our digital lives. The hope is to inspire discussion associated with these vitally important aspects of life in our digital age.


Program Overview

Term: Annual Scholarship Offer
Amount: $2000 ( $1000 grant for US students, and another $1000 for Canadian or Non-US students)
Number of Winners Per Year:
Winners will be announced on August 30, 2019


Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to receive this scholarship offer, there are some prerequisites that must be met. To be considered for this cash award, the applicant must fulfill the following list of requirements:

  • Applicants must be legally enrolled in college.
  • All of the application requirements defined below must be satisfied.
  • The completed application needs to be received prior to August 15, 2019.

Application Requirements:

Please follow these application requirements to ensure your eligibility for the scholarship.

The Essay

The most important component of your application is an essay of between 400 and 750 words that addresses the importance of data in the digital age with a focus on better ways to manage our own data.

  • We are looking for practical advice and methods that we can all employ to manage our data more efficiently.
  • The winning essay will demonstrate an innovative and useful recommendation aimed at effectively managing our digital data.
  • Solutions with wide-ranging applicability and multiple usage scenarios will be reviewed favorably. Perhaps you have a new concept that can lead to cutting-edge techniques regarding data management.
  • You might have a theory on how to better use the tools currently at our disposal to manage the incredible amount of data we generate in a more intuitive manner. Are these ideas restricted to your own data or can they be used by the general data consumer?

We are looking for an essay that addresses the theoretical and practical aspects of data management and protection for all users.

A Letter of Recommendation

Along with your essay, you need to attach a letter of recommendation for the scholarship from the dean or an administrator of your college. The letter must be accompanied by a verifiable phone number to allow us to contact the recommending party.


Application Process

Email your completed essay and letter of recommendation to

The Subject of the email should be: Scholarship Application – [Your Full Name]


Awarding the Scholarship

The scholarship will be awarded solely at the discretion of the judges at CleverFiles and will be announced on August 30, 2019. The winner will be determined based on the quality of their submitted essay. We are looking for an original approach that addresses an aspect of the field of data protection and management combined with some potential practical applications of the proposition.

After all of the submissions have been reviewed and we have made our determination, we will contact the winner and the administrator who recommended them via email. At this point, we will confirm that you have been awarded the scholarship and collect your contact information so we can send you the Prize. A check will be mailed 30 days after the winner is announced.


We wish you luck if you choose to submit an application!

Any additional questions surrounding the scholarship should be addressed to:

Scholarship Contact

Company CleverFiles (508 Software LLC)
Company Address 66 Canal Center Pl, Ste 505, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA
Phone Number +1 470-240-2508
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