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Just recently got a question from one of our clients:

“I have been using Disk Drill on a MacBook Pro. What files do I need to copy over to another Mac in order to keep the scans I have already done?”

To migrate or move Disk Drill, you just need to do the following:

1. On your old computer, locate the following folder and transfer a copy to your new computer:

~/Library/Application Support/DiskDrill

2. If you have the PRO version of Disk Drill, you may need to uninstall Disk Drill on your old Mac before you install it on your new computer (the PRO license allows installation on up to 3 Macs). Launch Disk Drill and go to Disk Drill > Preferences > General to uninstall.

3. On your new computer, download the free version of Disk Drill from the CleverFiles website and install it.

4. Enter your activation code if you have a PRO or Enterprise license.

5. Quit Disk Drill.

6. On your new computer, go to ~/Library/Application Support/ and replace the Disk Drill folder with the one you transferred from your old computer.

7. Restart Disk Drill and your old scans will be available.


.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team