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The great thing about Disk Drill is that you don’t have to buy the software until you are sure that the file you need can be recovered. Always download the free Disk Drill Basic first, and scan your files. Once you have located and successfully previewed the files you wish to recover, it is time to upgrade to Disk Drill PRO.

The Benefits of Upgrading

While Disk Drill Basic allows you to scan for lost files and preview the files it finds, only Disk Drill PRO will allow you to restore and access those files.

Download Disk Drill data recovery app for Windows  for Mac

Upgrade Options

You have two licensing options when upgrading Disk Drill:

  • PRO – The PRO edition is for personal use only. It allows you to install Disk Drill only on Macs that you own and can only be used to recover data from hard drives and other media that belong to you. It cannot be used for money-making purposes.
  • Enterprise – This is a commercial license that allows you to install Disk Drill and recover files on any Mac, anywhere. It allows multiple users — any employee in your company can use Disk Drill. They can use it on all of your company’s computers and your client’s computers. Once data recovery is complete, you must uninstall Disk Drill PRO from client-owned computers (but you can install Disk Drill Basic for ongoing data protection).

Note: If you’d like your clients to have their own Disk Drill PRO license, ask us about our partner discounts.

How to Upgrade

When you are ready to upgrade, take the following steps:

  1. Be sure that you have installed Disk Drill Basic, scanned for lost files and confirmed that you can successfully preview the files you wish to recover.
  2. From inside the app, go to Disk Drill > Upgrade Your License, select the licensing option you need, and complete your purchase. (If you wish to upgrade from PRO to Enterprise, go to Disk Drill > Need a Bigger License.)
  3. You’re done. Your PRO or Enterprise license will be auto-activated and you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

You can now proceed to How to Recover Files with Disk Drill PRO.

.updated: September 29, 2016 author: Jill