Data Recovery

Can I Recover Mac Apps (.app) and Program Files?

Briefly: Yes, Disk Drill is capable of recovering .app Mac program files. However, due to the fact that .app is actually a “package” (folder) and not a single file, you can only recover them under certain situations: If your Mac […]

What Is a CFB File?

CFB files are created when Disk Drill can’t determine for sure if the recovered item is XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX or other MS Office file after a Deep Scan. CFB stands for “Microsoft Compound File Binary”. If you […]

Can I Recover Data If TRIM Is Enabled On My SSD Drive?

Lost data on an SSD drive? Stop using it immediately and follow these instructions! Emergency SSD Data Recovery Plan for Mac OS X Have you just realized you deleted important data from an SSD drive? Please follow these emergency steps. […]

Can I Deep Scan the Entire Disk Instead of Just the Free Space?

Usually, Deep Scan scans just the empty space of your hard drive for lost data. However, there are cases when a disk is not readable in a usual way, and you can’t view some non-deleted files (due to partial file system […]

I Just Need One File – How Do I Find It?

Even if you’re just looking for one file, you still need to do a full scan. (Check out our How to Recover Lost Files with Disk Drill Basic for details). However, you can stop the scan at any time, if you […]

Why Do I See Duplicate Files for Some Images In the Scanning Results?

The recovered images may seem duplicated at first sight, but they are not absolutely identical. The size is different. This behavior is caused by the fact, that some JPG or TIFF images contain a preview inside the original picture. If […]

Can You Guarantee That I Can Recover A Specific File with Disk Drill?

The short answer is “No”, but we can certainly guarantee you can verify this with Disk Drill Basic at almost any moment. Each recovery case is unique, there’s absolutely no way to provide a universal recipe here. Well, I might […]

What File Formats Can Disk Drill Recover?

To answer this question, we need to start with explaining how data recovery actually works. There are so many file formats supported by Disk Drill, but in many cases, the format (or binary signature) of a specific file is not […]

What Are the Disk Drill System Requirements?

Thanks for visiting our knowledge base to learn more about the system requirements for Disk Drill. As you can see, the software needs regular updates to stay compatible with modern computers. We are doing our best to keep up with […]

Variables That Impact File Recovery Chances

This is a general overview of the variables that can make your data more or less likely to be recoverable with Disk Drill. This list is by no means definitive. Sometimes, even in the best situation, the data is lost. […]

Disk Drill and the “Secure Empty Trash” Option

As Apple describes in their PRO tips about Mac OS, there’s an option to empty your trash securely. Does this option affect Disk Drill and its file recovery technology? Yes, it does. The main idea behind emptying trash securely is […]

How to Uninstall Disk Drill for Mac

One of the common questions from our users: What’s the correct way to uninstall all the components of Disk Drill? Usually, a Mac user will just move an app to the Trash, and consider the job done. But Disk Drill […]

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Facebook

Losing your photo archive might be a huge frustration. With the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook came the problem of recovering the deleted photos from online back to your computer. There are several ways of getting our […]

Deleted RAW images recovery on Mac OS X with Disk Drill

Formatting your camera’s memory card or accidentally deleting the folder with photos from your hard drive is a far too common scenario. Thus, everyone needs a reliable data recovery app that allows to recover those files because there is no […]

Deleted iWork files recovery on Mac: Pages, Keynote, Numbers recovery

One of the recent releases of Disk Drill features the support of iWork® files recovery with Deep Scan option. Meaning that you can easily recover PAGES (Pages® application), KEY (Keynote® application) and NUMBERS (Numbers® application) files in case of accidental […]

Deleted DOC files recovery on Mac OS X with Disk Drill

When it comes to the crunch with deleted DOC files you need a proven data recovery app. And today we will find out what Disk Drill can propose. Disk Drill offers three data recovery algorithms and all the three are […]

Deleted PDF files recovery on Mac OS X with Disk Drill

In most cases Disk Drill can recover any file types but successful recovery depends on many factors. The most important factor is the recovery mode used. Disk Drill features 3 scanning and recovery methods: – undelete from the media protected […]

Adobe Photoshop (.psd) Files Recovery Software for Mac OS X

First of all you should know that Disk Drill is not only a recovery app but it also offers the data protection algorithms: Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery. Those algorithms allow you to restore any data from the drive where […]

PNG, GIF, BMP, DNG, TIFF, JPEG Files Recovery on Mac OS X with Disk Drill

Disk Drill can recover lost or deleted pictures from USB mass storages, memory cards, hard drives and other mountable devices. Disk Drill includes the following three data recovery methods: Recovery from a media secured with Guaranteed Recovery or Recovery Vault […]

Adobe Illustrator (.ai) Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X

Disk Drill has its solution of your problems when it comes to Adobe® Illustrator® AI files recovery. You should realize however that the chances of getting successful recovery results depend on many factors. But in most cases you can expect […]