Even if you’re just looking for one file, you still need to do a full scan. (Check out our How to Recover Lost Files with Disk Drill Basic for details). However, you can stop the scan at any time, if you see the file you need come up in the scan results.

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Some of our recovery methods, such as Undelete Protected Data and Quick Scan, can recover any file type. But if your data is really buried, you may need Deep Scan to find it. Check What File Types Can Disk Drill Recover? to ensure that Deep Scan supports the particular file type you need. If it is supported, be sure you have it selected in the Deep Drill > Preferences > File Types dialog box.

Once your scan is done, check out our Scanning FAQs to learn how to filter your results quickly. And check out Troubleshooting Scan Results if you don’t see the file you’re looking for. Remember, because of the limitations of hard drive storage, we cannot guarantee that you can recover a specific file.

.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team